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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by iamgreat, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Guys,

    What should I go in for? Royal Marines or Navy?

    I honestly can't decided. I'm more then capable to join either really so that's not a problem.

    Got to sort a few things out admittedly. Law of the juice for a bit and other substances. Just been thinking about it because I'm a little bored with 9-5 thing at the moment. It's mundane
  2. If you were really great you would join the RAF.
  3. DHP seems the only branch suitable.
  4. What about them?
    To be honest I did ponder the RAF for a bit but that seems to be a bit boring, maybe I don't know enough about them, so I could be wrong.

    What's DHP tomme?
  5. What do you mean by laying off "other substances"

    I think the booties are getting more involved with STC these days. Best of both worlds.
  6. I can see it already. . .

  7. What's STC stand for?
  8. Haahaha, my thoughts exactly.
  9. See what? I'd be grateful if someone could enlighten me!
  10. Odd question what makes you more than capable to join the marines?
  11. Heh, basically some dudes are gonna come on here and take the piss out of you summat chronic.

    My main guess as to why would be your over confidence in your capabilities to join either service whilst stating that you need to stop using "other substances". Personally, I fail to see how you feel you are capable of pissing the selection for Royal Marines whilst polluting your body and mind with drugs. My guess is you would fail quite miserably and make a tit of yourself.
  12. Yeeeeeeeeehah
  13. I feel I've got the right attributes to join up to be honest, forces seem the way to go in my opinion.

    I'm fed up with the way things are going for me at the moment.......I need to improve my way of life
  14. You big bore you ;)

  15. Reverend,

    That's a good point. I could've come across a bit better really. I'm not popping pills left right and centre or anything, I admit I like a smoke and that is my Achilles heal to be honest, but I'm cutting right back and I reckon give it a couple weeks. I'll be off it for good
  16. IAG

    Why not check out when your local RN Careers Advisors are doing one of their weekly presentations and go along?
  17. +1 for what Soleil said.

    Cutting down's bollocks in all respect fella, sack it off or don't. There is no inbetween
  18. Depression and possible hints of self loathing. Suggestion that maybe there are greater powers working against them to make their life take an unwanted direction. The use of ....... suggests stuttering and inability to properly express them self. Looks like first signs of cannabis induced psychosis to me. Will have to warn the AFCO to get their trusty big red marker pen ready :wink:
  19. Even better, get in touch with the Marines and attend a Look At Life course?

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