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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by raza, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello
    i am currently deciding wheather to join the navy or carry on studying for my degree.i am currently doing a Foundation year at uni and will then go on to the next 3 years starting in sept.
    i have been looking at the navy diver and the Air Engineering Technician (AET) careers.
    i am just deciding which of the 2 to try applying for .i seem to be bored of my current uni course and have always thought about the navy and joining .
    Could any of you try and give me some info into which career to go for the Diver or Air Engineering Technician. Which has the better career prospects.

    Cheers ry
  2. AET probably, but I'm not in either trade so can't say for sure. Obviously as an ET there are better prospects as those with intellect and motivation to push on will be encouraged I believe. If your degree course is in an engineering subject, it will no doubt set you up nicely for AET, but be prepared to go over a lot of the material again on QC's
  3. Get your degree than look at joining as an Officer. You will then be able to work on your Masters and you will not be bored shitless going over the same stuff as an AET. We have seen a few AETs ask to leave because they were degree qualified and realised they had made a massive mistake.

    Diving is for holidays and looking at pretty fish when you are deployed. If you want to be a Diver, then you will do lots of diving in sewage filled ponds with zero visibility and you will be followed by a lingering smell until you make CPO and switch from Diving to Diving(Paperwork).
  4. Dosen't "EVERYONE" get bored of uni courses? Hell, i'm sure some people in the Navy get bored of their jobs at times. Just stick with it, from a post I read a while ago most of the advce was towards getting your degree before trying to join.
  5. Good advice, Arcadian. Diver and AET are both "no quals required" but if somebody's got as far as starting a Uni course then there must be some academic quals, so why not use them? Get your degree, see how things are, then if you still like the idea of the services, join as an officer.
  6. With the way technology is going you will need an Uni Degree just to man the wheel
  7. That is very definitely the way it is going. On the last major project I ran one of my engineers have worked his way up starting as an apprentice, I am pretty sure that no youngster could do that today, but that did not make the guy any worse an engineer than the PhD he sat beside.

    I can see the school leaving age being raised to 18 befiore too long, and I can see university education being more or less compulsory in the future.

  8. Do the degree, if anything, you'll be older, wiser and more mature. Always handy when joining the forces.

    I met a 21yr old PO last week, bloody nice lad but PO?
  9. I would agree, in this day and age do the degree, it is unlikely to be wasted time in the grand scheme of things whatever you end up doing.

    As to the 20 year old PO, well done to both him and who ever recognised young talent, and did something about it.

  10. I'm guessing this guy was a tiff? There were plenty on my course younger than me and they'll be PO's at 21-22 years old. Its easy to see why get all the shit!
  11. Dont join as an AET we have them here at cottesmore they are on the lowest payband and earn £16 less a day than their RAF counterparts (joint force I tell you!) you will wait to get on the LAET course as its massively oversubscribed and you might not get your killicks rate for 5-6 years.

    suggest you join the RAF as a JT much better way of life alright you will go on the boat if you join harriers but you get treated like an adult get to wear green fouly jackets, we are not allowed to wear them now under new rules even though they are better than the pussers crap they give us!

    and when you go on detachment with the raf its always somewhere nice and warm!
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Raza, unfortunately the option of joining the RAF as a JT, as described above is not an option as the Air Force no longer recruit Junior Tech's, the Air Force technician(join as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic then retrain as a technician in about 2 years time) option is a poor one for you as is the AET option.
    You are probably going to get bored and disillusioned very quickly, promotion and hence responsibility and ultimately satisfaction are slow in coming. I would say finish your degree and apply as an Officer, if you can't stand the thought of finishing your education then be prepared to see all your University chums in much more satisfying jobs than you in about 2 years (although they may not be earning as much as they claim!!)

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