What to do with direct entry JOs


Lantern Swinger
I've been following this with interest.

Although I would, personally, throw caution to the wind when comparing sessions with NE RNR Ratings with IST, I would agree with the sentiment. In the latter you are working alongside JRs on a ship, who have passed their training - giving the experience of what a JRs life on a ship is like. NE RNR class would not really do this (by the very definition of being NE they haven't passed through their training pipelines either) - although I do think that any YO/JO under training (regardless of regular or reserve) needs to spend time with JRs, and a NE class is a perfect place to become 'militarized' for those with no previous experience.


However, there is some basic military training in officer qualities, military etiquette etc that is provided before IST.

To shove a new JO in with the NE could lead to quite a bit of unfair egg on the face for those that haven't had the benefit of any of this training.

Don't forget that if the JO is retained, then they need to remain credible with the ratings they are to command.


Lantern Swinger
concur with true-blue! I tried this and found they quite enjoyed it when otherwise not engaged. Throw in some boat drill and ever one is content (worked with JRs too).