What to do with direct entry JOs

It seems to be a trend that RNR units are having trouble utilising direct entry JOs when they first attend drill nights post AIB.

I'm not sure that anyone has considered, past the stage of bringing in the direct entry route, how to bring them up to speed.

At our unit, the new direct entry JO has been put in with the new entry ratings class. I feel that this could give the new entries mixed messages with regard to where the JOs fit into the grand scheme of things.

On the otherhand much of the basic stuff is common which ever rig you wear so bearing in mind the cash available combined training does make some sense


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Much of this has been discussed before in various threads if you have a root through.

Last I was at President, the direct entry candidates were placed with NE in order to learn the real basic stuff, and thence put into the JO classroom once they'd finished that.

Post-AIB JOs should be preparing for their fleetboard, and if they've never sat through the NE training cycle, I can't think of a better way to get started. What mixed message do you think it gives to the NE class? I think it's pretty widely known that an ASLt is pretty much right at the bottom in the grand scheme of things.


Well, I can see the point ginger lad is trying to make. Personally I voluntarily sat in on a few NE lessons whilst the JOTO was absent on a drill night.

Whilst perhaps a little bit of an oddity, I asked permission of the instructor, made a fool of myself by not realising I was to sit the class at ease and sat at the back in abject mortification at my gaff.

I did however get an insight into the way things are for ratings (pre raleigh classes) and was even able to provide a few cross service tips on some very basic stuff.

On a bigger picture scale I'm not sure, having looked at the NE task book, how much would be entirely useful to a JO that couldn't be learnt on their own cognisance.

That said I can also see the validity for those without any basic military experience to perhaps have a tailored DE 'basic' syllabus before hitting the task book for Fleet Board.


A new training matrix for YO's has been drafted and is at present at CMR for approval. The YO training is being re-structured and a new task book will be in place next year. With regards to when white tabs and stripes are worn, we are looking at following the BRNC model. Wait until the CMRTM comes out.


Well, I joined recently as a direct entry officer, and started off in the NE class. It struck me as an excellent way to start, especially since I had no previous military experience. I found the whole experience of the NE class educational and enjoyable, and I don't think any of the ratings in the class had the slightest problem with myself and the other DEOs in the class.

Personally, I can't understand why all DEOs don't start that way (assuming they're not ex RN or similar).
I think that it is horses for courses depending on which unit you are serving in. I am ex-RN (though admittedly 10 years post-leaving) and the thought of going into a pre-Raleigh new entry class would leave me feeling rather cold. I can absolutely see the validity in giving inexperienced JOs an intro to the basics but it is the format that needs to be looked at. Our new entry class PO made our post-AIB direct entry JO feel a right tit in front of the entire new entry class. Does this give off the right message?


Why is it a bad thing? It is a chance for the JO to spend time with the NE (just like IST phase at BRNC). It should be their responsibility to act with integrity in a manner becoming of a Naval Officer. If there are any mixed messages then something has gone wrong. The JO should, naturally, be taking a lead role and inspiring the NE to learn.

(All this will have been shown to be present within the JO at the AIB)