What to do with car insurance while deployed


I am going to be deployed for 6 months in a few weeks and I was wondering what to do with regard to car insurance.

Should i just cancel the insurance and SORN it until I get back? Will I lose my NCB if I do this?

Is there another type of insurance I can get to cover?

Appreciate any advice

Get in touch with the insurance Co. if you cancel you usually can keep your "no claims" for a year, but this may vary depending on the Co/how many years/and how long you've been with them .
I recommend two other points:

- Consider if you still need insurance on the car from a risk point of view - that is, theft, fire? Where will it be left?
- Check what the law requires in terms of insurance now. I think I recall that just before I left the UK they changed the law to say you had to have it insured even if it was SORN.

If you do cancel, make sure you get them to send you written confirmation of your no claims situation. This will save you having to chase it up when you re-insure (possibly with another company - you do shop around with the comparison websites I hope?) as the new company will want to see proof from your previous insurer.

As mentioned above, always check, but I used to find that if you re-insured within 2 years, your no-claims remained valid. Wife and I used to take it in turns to be the policy holder to keep both sets of no-claims.
As '86 said, all depends where it's going to be parked.

However you can drop to Third Party, Fire & Theft, thus still keeping the vehicle insured against loss whilst you are away (cheaply) and still maintain your NCB
Old post. Thought I might have something to add. I have handled this two different ways. Once when I sold the car, I paid a small premium to preserve NCB for 12mos. Not sure how long they would/can do this for depends how much your insurer wants the money I suppose.
Another time, I left the car with my dad and pondered SORN vs low miles, got a quote for both. In the end I left it on the road with him as a named driver 500miles/yr (I think below 3k makes not much difference to premiums), so he could drive it 30 Miles once a month which keeps the tyres from flat spotting, the box from seizing and the wheel bearings from locking solid.

As Topstop points out above, when I cancelled a policy they wrote to confirm they would offer full NCB discount on a new policy for 365 days after, I think this is a courtesy more than a right and may not transfer to another insurer.
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