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My names Will,
I'm 16 and was hoping to join the FAA as a helicopter pilot after 6th form, i started the process as soon as i was 15 years and 9 months old and passed every stage until the flying aptitude tests. I found that the level of knowledge needed to pass was far beyond what i would know at my age. After my interview with the officer taking the tests he told me not too worry as i showed potential with my results , but needed to gain more experience before re-trying. In part this means taking my a levels but i also want to get more hands on experience. After looking ,I'm coming to the conclusion that joining the RNR is the best way to gain practical experience, is this a good choice and are there other choices on offer?

many thanks


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Carry on with your A levels, go on to uni and then have another go. I'm not sure what the joining age is for the RNR, but 16 seems a bit young.

Good luck!


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Please do not join the RNR - its got a very operational focus and is optimised towards getting people onto the front line on ops. For someone like yourself, I would suggest cadets or DofE, then wait till you go to Uni and then join the URNU.

The RNR is a very busy operational part of the Navy and not a clearing house for wannabe officers.

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