What to bring

I'm still in application process, passed PJFT other week (9:12 min:sec :) )
Just query... I've not asked/checked with AFCO or anything yet.
Is it allowed/worthwhile, to take my laptop to Raleigh?
I'm not looking to use it all the time (i don't expect to) but just for occasional emails back to mates and family - Or will the CO just beast me for bringing it?
No, I wouldn't recommend it.
1) You won't have time to catch your breath let alone log onto your Facebook, Bebo and Rummration accounts and/or Email your family.
2)Theft is a problem. You forget to lock your locker (Most peeps do it at least once.) and some joker lifts your puter. No problem. The resulting nausia of searches and punishment if the thief is found may not endear you to the rest of your Batch.
There are these things called Telephones secured to walls etc try using them.
Before you join you will be given a pre-entry brief, where you will be told what you can or cannot bring with you. Laptops are not allowed.
Cheers for the heads up.
Tbh that was response I expected, although I must say shame theft is still an issue, but suppose it is unfortunately a possibility in every walk of life.
Thank you again.
Guy, even if it didn't get pinched in all probability your unlocked locker would be discovered by one of your Training Team and Unsecured Lockers are a big No, No as it "Encourages theft!!" so you could expect, at the least, an interview without refreshments (A bollocking. :lol: ).
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