What to bring to the interview


I've got my interview coming up next week and i'm having a problems with certificates. Recently moved house and everything is in boxes so very hard to find the OFFICIAL documents. I've taken my GCSE results and my two years of college results off my college website, this grades are the same as my official document but would it be credible? Also apart from Educational and sports certificates anything you guys would advise to bring with you? Also are grades a crucial part of the interview as my results are not the best.
Thank you in Advance


When i went to my interview i brought nothing. Dress smart and answer questions truthfully and you should be fine. I had no GCSE'S or A levels. They may ask you about it but don't need any proof as you should've put it in your application before joining. Hope it goes ok. They will ask you about your education and how you felt about your school life.


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Yourself, don't panic, there are no trick questions, they want to find out about you and why you want to join the Navy.

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