What this country needs.

Why not just give the Police the poers needed and back them up with a Criminal Justice system that actually works and that is not over powered everytime by the Human Rights / Liberty Groups who are more worried about the rights of the Guilty than the Victims.

Anyone remember Ray Mallon???
'Career detective

He joined the police force as a cadet and came to prominence when as a Detective Superintendent, he introduced "zero tolerance" policing in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough, cutting crime in the town by 20% in 18 months. As National politicians like Michael Howard and Tony Blair beat a path to his door, he found himself under police investigation - although the Operation Lancet inquiry which followed was discredited and failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing . '

Again, a career destroyed because he was working at odds with the system - still he had the last laugh when he became Mayor
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