What the Police are up to now.


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hahahahaha......just where would you have to place it......oh jezzzze. That is soooo sad, an ex-copper complaining about that. get a grip mate
Life in a blue suit? Perhaps not for some, eh?

This guy appears to have no concept of what REAL harassment is. :x

To be bothered by a gnome. Perhaps he has been the subject, as the police assert, of other jokes, well in that case he should do what other people have to do, and take the matter before the civil courts to test the validity of his claims. To waste police time like this is unacceptable. To be strictly fair to him however, the Act in question novelly defines harassment not objectively according to predefined criteria, but subjectivly, according to the victim's perceptions of two or more events.


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Its just yet another example of what this country has become thanks to the PC Brigade!Nice to see Police effort going into something really useful.I wonder if the neighbour hadnt been an ex copper,if this would never have gone so far.


Ita about time people stopped taking the piss out of our POLICEMEN and WOMEN clearly this happening at this location , YES ARREST THIS person and destroy the f,,,,,g NOME ???


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YES ARREST THIS person and destroy the f,,,,,g NOME ???

How about this for radical idea? Arrest the police officer who ordered the arrest and destroy him?
I can just imagine what my old Desk Sgt would have said to me if I had arrested somebody for a Fcuking gnome!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Jessh what are we becoming?


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Percy99...please, please tell me your last post was a WAH?!
FFS! All over the UK, innocent victims are being stabbed, shot, raped or beaten to a pulp. Every major city has at least one area where the police, never mind the civvies, fear to tread. We are at a high risk of attack from suicide bombers...and the plods want to arrest someone for a GARDEN FCUKING GNOME!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!...
...The Punisher is put in a straitjacket and carried to a waiting ambulance while frothing at the mouth...
Its fcukin unbelievable really ------obviously the cops in that area are under employed.

If it was anywhere else they would have dismissed it as a neighbour dispute and not actioned anything . Neighbourly disputes are classed as civil law unless there is damage to property/obstruction etc etc -harassment isn't caused by garden gnomes--

Could have been a bit of the old boys act--the boys in blue visit but still wasting police time.