What the hell?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kalijangi, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. I thought I'd signed up to the navy bit, and I got soldiers, and when I looked around, I found the button for 'Navy Network', so I clicked it.

    All that's happened is that the colour of the site has changed from brown to blue, but there's still a load of of soldiers and the discussions are the same!
  2. There are far more matelots than soldiers on Rum Ration. That's why it's called The Navy Network.
  3. Nope you are in the right place. See the big anchor on the top left of the page with the rat on it?
  4. Not many soldiers on here, we are mainly sailors, sailoress', booties and a few hangers on.

    What are you???


  5. A lady.
  6. T1ts oot, proof required
  7. I would expect a far higher standard of chat-up line than that!
  8. ALARP principle, As Low As Reasonably Practical and I don't have any standards 8)
  9. What boat do you sail in Wrecker?
  10. S & T boats but I sail no more
  11. Swiftsure class and Trafalgar class SSN's, I never did bombers
  12. Did bombers do you though? She did me. :lol:
  13. That's another story :oops:
  14. One feels that your expectations will be sorely missed by a mile and then some...
  15. Ok lets see now,do you do it doggy doggy and do ya swollow,hows that my lady, 8)
  16. Filthy. I can tell that you are normally kept out of sight of decent people. Do they lock you up when the boat comes to shore?
  17. You should be prepared to encounter a lot worse than that on this site.

  18. :D Just answer the ferkin question ya split , do you swollow or do you spit it out,i thought this was a brill chat up line,how about the doggy doggy or are you one of these uptight splits who bangs with the lights orf,come on now dont be shy tell me :wink:

    Ps ever tried deep **** 8)

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