What the hell?

I thought I'd signed up to the navy bit, and I got soldiers, and when I looked around, I found the button for 'Navy Network', so I clicked it.

All that's happened is that the colour of the site has changed from brown to blue, but there's still a load of of soldiers and the discussions are the same!
kalijangi said:
Filthy. I can tell that you are normally kept out of sight of decent people. Do they lock you up when the boat comes to shore?

:D Just answer the ferkin question ya split , do you swollow or do you spit it out,i thought this was a brill chat up line,how about the doggy doggy or are you one of these uptight splits who bangs with the lights orf,come on now dont be shy tell me :wink:

Ps ever tried deep **** 8)
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