What the fcuk has happened to Portsmouth?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by jesse, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. :eek:mfg: Tenpus fugit and all that latin bollocks but its so bastard true. We took a short three day break in Southsea so that I could make my contribution to the falling pub trade;- What pubs where are they? :roll: O.k. times change get used to it and so on. The whole place is a festering boil of urban blight. I used to think think that South Parade was such a nice place, now its boarded up buildings half finished building sites that remind me of the bomb sites post WW.W.2. It was a warm day in August during school holidays; S.P.Pier was shut we walked the length of he front down to Old Portsmouth;there was not one person on the beach.Old Portsmouth now has only one pub. I used to covet the flats in Battery Row by the Sally Port but some tosser has built up the sea wall totally blotting out the view.They are now unoccupied.The green round the Garrison Church was strewn with litter. Do not even get me started on Gunwarf Quay. The best bit is the old Vernon gate and Guard house. I did get a pint in The Royal Standard and the only place I recognised was Guild Hall Walk where we had a stand up row because The Mucky Duck insisted in serving unchilled wine without a stopper - peasants :x I saw one matelot ; he wore a white blouse like shirt and flared trousers. Please tell me they are not vertically creased. The only area with any life and atmosphere was The Albert Road of Southsea. Indeed you can never go back;- in spades. Was it ever thus but I did not see it at the time? :twisted:
  2. Like you said your self jessie "Times change",its a shame because i used to like pompey and Guzz and ferkin hated Rosyth and faslane,i went back to Hull a few months ago and couldnt believe the changes,new roads and shopping centres ext ext, 8)

    ps, sailors should wear bellbottoms not ferkin flares, :D
  3. Jesse I only ever went back once and it fair broke me heart, so I just like to remember it as was and then my memories don't get confused with was it ?..was it not?
    I bet if you took any random amount of the new guys down Pompey as it was in our times there they would love it as it was freedom and dodging the patrol was easy, most of them did not want to catch us anyway.
  4. [quote.I saw one matelot ; he wore a white blouse like shirt and flared trousers. Please tell me they are not vertically creased. quote]

    They are indeed vertically creased. The rig was N0 3's worn by all ranks and rates. The old square rig went out in 81 and fore-and-aft creases came in IIRC, wore the new rig once to do my PO's board in then flogged to a bloke next door in MQ's who was going for crusher
  5. I had the sad misfortune to visit Portsmouth in January to pay my last respects to my oppo a CMT who had sadly crossed the bar. If the occasion was not sad enough in itself the sight of how Portsmouth has changed only compounded the sadness. It's right that places evolve thats mankinds nature, but to do away with all its past is I believe a retrograde step. Rant over.
  6. Good job you didn't go through the dockyard! The rope stores are restaurants & shops.
  7. :twisted: Yo Rum Rat in spite of the age gap I,ve sensed a kindred spirit for some time. I never even got started on The Hard fcukin g shambles and heartbreaking. Still no bastard can take our memories away :evil:

  8. Unferkinbelievable, 8)
  9. Oi!!

    Bit unfair to judge a town on a three day visit… after all we are in the grip of quite a bad recession…yes??…perhaps you should fcuk off to the Costas and join the Ex Pats in their favourite pastime …winging about how things were…

    Ps…love your sauce…

  10. Three day visit was more than enough time to see how Portsmouth has deteriorated, only took me a day to see the ruin that has been created. Portsmouth was supposedly rebuilt before the recession just a pity they threw out the baby and kept the afterbirth. Jesse wasn't winging just stating a fact. .
  11. Fcuk me ….now we have someone who was only there for a day slaggin it off …sheesh

    Next thing is we will have some kunt who flew over it and didn`t like what he saw out of the window

  12. Same thing happening to Pompey that happened in Chatham and Guzz - they have to do without Jack. Chatham did so, Pompey and Guzz are doing so now. Although us of the older generation might not like it, we're stuck with it: the University of the South West seemingly has a better ring to it than the biggest Naval Base in Western Europe - but as Jim Royle would say, "University me arse".
  13. So your saying the present Pompey is better than the old or are you just slagging off others comments with nowt to say constructively except your parrot like "fcuk off,.. fuck off.
    Is it that you don't remember the old Pompey well enough to comment.
    And yes I know you live in gosport, can read, no I'm not an ex pat, no wish to be ,one and before you start bleating, I think the town planners in many a city and town need shagging with the rough end of a ragmans trumpet, new does not mean better, as you well know.
  14. Ok Rumrat ..I can respond to sensible comments…

    As a resident I see the area through different eyes than perhaps a tourist would …

    Thats all...
  15. Rumrat, ops. Could you deliver this 'ere black spot to Blind Pugh! (alias Uncle Albert) :D
  16. OK Ginger..Bomb doors open...second thoughts skipper, not worth the cost of a bomb! :D :D :D
  17. Jesse, how did you come to the conclusion that Old Pompey only has ONE pub now?

    Last time I was down that way a few weeks back the following were still there; Still and West, Sally Port (Albiet closed for refurbishment), Spice Island, The Wellington, THe Dolphin.

    So where exactly in Old Portsmouth did you vist? Or are you just fecking blind.

    Of course Pompey has changed, has as just about every town in the UK and the good old days of yore have had to move on. I am old enough to remember many of the old haunts in Pompey during the seventies and many a good time was had in them too.

    Some of us still live in the area and enjoy it as much, even if in a different way to those old days. In fact I am off down to one of my favourite old watering holes later this afternoon - The Park Tavern to meet up with a few old SAMA82 mates.
  18. Having come through Vernon as a junior and then back again for killicks course in the seventies and having recently visited Pompey i can say with some authority that they actually can steal your memories - i couldn't work out where any of it used to be, Creasy block, Osprey, Warrior :( :(

    Found the main gate though :D :D
  19. Is Tenpus fugit the name of your pussy or your wife, Jesse?

    Tempus fugit indeed! :lol: The right moment's never arrived so how can I seize the day?

    Confused of Via Latina
  20. I understand that, loyalty to your own place of residence, as I am to an extent to mine.
    I am not a memory lane type of person however, and think overall they have fucked my town up beyond belief. It was a country market town, full to the brim with Elizabethan black and white half timbered buildings.
    They actually demolished about 50 of said buildings, how we do not know, as most were listed. Now we abound with council estates on all but one approach, with the usual trash of "Transplanted" populace.
    I loved old Pompey, and if you remember it you would to, full of character,
    and the town was great, fall over land in a bar, matelot heaven.
    I think most who decry the modern Pompey do it with a sense of loose for the old

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