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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Right
    I left the mob twenty odd years ago and so much as changed I think some of us old cunts need re educating.
    I have struggled with RR threads sometimes as I feel like I'm learning a foreign language, along with all these fuckin new fangled abbreviations.

    2DD has just had to be told in another thread what a newbie was talking about and if he had not of asked I would have thought he was talking about a pub.
    So in this thread I am going to ask like a newbie what some of the patter fuckin means.
    I just found out what PJFT means, and now I would like some other questions answered.
    1/ What is the minimum time of service, and what age does your service start?
    If you join at 16 what do you have to serve?
    2/ What is the minimum for a pension?
    3/Are there any "juniors" nowadays, and in the seaman branch is there still J/S, O/D, and A/B.
    And what the flying fuck is this putting your notice in bollocks?

    Bewildered of Tamworth (I think)
  2. I can do No 3 (I don't talk about No 2's in polite circles)

    Everyone is an AB as soon as they walk through Raleigh gates (I know, don't go there :evil: ) and there are still juniors but known as under 18's but with the same rules applied (Cinderella leave etc)

    Once eligible (normally after 3 1/2 years) you can slap in 12 months notice. Used to be 18 months but some Crabs kicked off a while ago and it was reduced. They can leave anytime after 4 weeks and before 6 months is up, after that it's return of service until you get to 3 1/2 years.

    Most branches have 4 1/2 years return of service so if they want to go that's the minimum time so 3 1/2 years in, slap in your notice and outside in 4 1/2. Simples.
  3. 1) For most branches I believe it is 3.5 years from passing trade training or from your 18th birthday whichever comes later, however sprogs under 18 can leave as an unhappy junior.

    2) It used to be 12 years from your 18th birthday or joining date whichever is later to gain your half pension, 22 years to get the full whack. However you still receive some form of pension for any service, i.e if you serve 1 year you get 1/22nd of the pension on reaching your 65th birthday.

    3)Anyone under 18 is still referred to as a junior I believe, J/S, O/D and A/B no longer exist although sailors who are rated '1' i.e they have a star above their branch badge, are sometimes referred to as ABs. The term is more accurately used now to describe anyone under the rate of Leading Hand and is written on their ID cards.

    Slapping in is the term used when putting in your 1 years notice to leave the RN, this can only be done after 3.5 years service.
  4. Forgot that bit but I think the age might be 17 1/2. Drakey, NS or SM can confirm or deny.
  5. For once, this gob-shite is gobsmacked 8O 8O :roll:
    Thankyou gents.
  6. 18 years is full service now not 22
  7. Fcuk me I could've retired at 34!
  8. How if your time does not start until 17 1/2 you would have to be 35 and half.
    Did you mong that?
  9. I only have 11 years to do now
  10. Oh right yeah. :oops:
  11. Sadly (or happily?) not. It's 18 years or age 40, whichever is later - so only really applies to over 22 year-olds..
  12. If I remember correctly, there used to be a “notice engagement†option in the early 70s. You completed basic and trade training (6 months approx) then you had to do 18 months service, after which you could put in 18 months notice. I think pay was 50p per day less than if you committed to 9 years without the notice option.
  13. That's long gone now Gombear. The old LS engagements (which you refer to) were replaced by the Open Engagement around the early 80s (I think).
  14. Ok so now another bone question.

    Do seamen still have to learn two trades as was in days of yore.
    IE Seaman/Gunner
    Seaman /Torpedo and anti submarine,(TAS)
    Seaman/Radar Plotter.(RP)
    Or is it as I suspect from these threads Seamanship full stop. Which then calls another question to mind.
    Recently I read a statement on here about the Leander class frigates being heavily manned (250ish bods..correct ) as to the type 22/23's having 171. If this is so how can you have less men doing the work that 250 did who had dual jobs?
    Does that make sense?
  15. Labour saving devices, lots of scrubbing out and automation.
  16. And magic.
  17. And wimmin, dab hand at washing up and cleaning and such like they are
  18. Yes but the real question is with the trade bit not cleaning. How does that work.
    And yes I remember the 18 month bit from the early seventies but I was already in so it did not get introduced retrospectively.
    In fact that was one of the reasons I started to get discontent as if you bollocked a junior or trooped him, you was told to pull your horns in as he would threaten to change his option and go outside.
    Fuckin dweebs
  19. I can see why it's now called a 'job' and not a 'career' - I must admit it confused me in some of the past newbie posts.


    Fully (heaviily ??) manned Leanders were supposed to be 265 (IIRC), but were manned by 243 Officers and seamen under the reduced manning standard, at least the Type 3 I served in was (Cherry B) in 69/71.
    Dual tasks ? I served in the Gunbay during Action/Defence stations and sometimes in the Plotroom, as did other S&S, others of the Branch were in the Magazine/Shellroom, and even manned the Seacat.

  20. I suppose nowadays, you can woman the seacat. Sounds vaguely disgusting 8O

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