What the doctor ordered!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LujonSA, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. An interesting conundrum here, a well known broadcasting doctor writes a book in which he plagiarises the works of others by passing it off as his own work. On admitting his mendacity he claims that he did nothing dishonest and did not bring his profession into direpute.


    Since when have stealing, lying and cheating been thought of as characteristics likely to enhance the reputation of the medical profession. I am confused but I have always thought that if I ever met this man I would like to know that I had some salt in my pocket.
  2. The GMC normally takes a pretty dim view on this type of thing, which is thankfully rare in UK medicine.
  3. Well as every student will (should) be able to tell you - copying one person's work is plagiarism, copying two or more person's work is reaearch!

    By the way, the named legal egal Mr Jeremy Donne is ex (I think) RNR MSF First Lieutenant qualified who has also performed some RN work as well.

  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    No doubt this will make no difference at all to the BBC and other channels, all of which live in a total ethical vacuum, continuing to fee him as a talking head.

  5. seems to work fine for Polititians though!
  6. Plagurism by the medical profession (and others, especially students) is widespread. I have about 3-4 cases of plagurism of my work brought to my attention every year. The most recent one was a doctor on a medical information website who claimed copyright over my work - which he claimed he'd written himself. Unfortunately for him the work in question was reviewed when written by several clinicians including two eminent FRS's. When challenged he withdrew but did not apologise. I personally think clinicians who plagurise other peoples hard work should face automatic suspension by the GMC and permenant expulsion for serial offences. Theft is, after all, supposed to be a crime. I also think students who cheat should be automatically expelled and any qualifications obtained nullified. This should start with A level students upwards.
  7. He would do well on The Apprentice!
  8. A plague is, by its very nature, widespread.

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