What tattoo's would make you void of entry?

I recently got a tattoo and i'm wondering if it will be considered vulgar or offensive. Basically it's a picture of a camel on my toe, it's not very detailed it's just a silhouette, i don't know how strict the navy is on tattoos like this. I'm already waiting for my RNAC as well.


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I believe, but I'm sure Ninja will tell you the current policy shortly, that providing the tattoo is not on an exposed area of your body it will not prevent entry.


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I doubt anyone will get the hump about this kind of tattoo.

It might offend some, but unless you're taking your shoes & socks off and explaining the witty significance to someone, you'll probably be OK, I'd have thought.


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Mate of mine's got a woman's fanny tattooed on his toe. He loves camels you see.

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As some have said as long as it can be hidden so as when you wear you Nos 1's etc for parade it aint visible and the camels toe cant be seen your fine. I did know someone who had a tat on his ears that didnt go down to well!!

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I did know someone who had a tat on his ears that didnt go down to well!!
Yep - they can actually be discharged for that.

The one area where the waters do get rather muddied with regard "nothing on the head, hands, neck or face" rule...Is when people get their eyebrows tattooed.

We probably all know people currently serving who have "illegal tattoos" and if the rules are not enforced at all levels, then it makes the policy even more farcical because anyone knocked-back could probably run-rings around the MOD if they had a mind to.
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