What sort of things are in a task book?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SRT1, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Is a task book simply a set of exercises and questions or is it something else? Also, if someone could post an example of what's in one (preferably for an MA) that would be super (assuming it's not classified).
  2. Err! Tasks appertaining to your trade :wink:
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Walk before you can run... worry about joining up, Passing Out/In/Whatever, before you start worrying about Task Book Training! :roll:
  4. Fair enough.
  5. I think you'll find the information in Creddly's definitive guide: An Idiot's Guide to the Royal Navy, now in it's 5th edition and available in paperbeck. See pages 781-789. ;)
  6. Your deployment task book will have some of the following tasks in it, although some are branch specific.

    Shag a lady of the night.
    Shag a ladyboy (Stokers and RM only)
    Shag a Wren (Killicks task book only)
    Get trooped
    Fight a local
    Fight another member of the ship's company
    Fight another member of another ship's company
    Pass out in the mess square and get abused
    Pass out in someone else's mess square and get even more abused
    8 piece someone in a game of uckers
    Uptable during a game of uckers
    Grandslam (No requirement to swamp if this is completed first)
    Eat some gash scran in a foreign country (an example of this is hard boiled eggs complete with chicken foetus)
    Get a tat

    Can anyone think of any more?
  7. Visit sickbay as a result of one or all of the above. ;P
  8. Wear a pretty frock and scarlet high heels to a pub (Booties only)
    Discover your feminine side and mince everywhere.
  9. Wait till nearly everyone is asleep and pipe "Hands to night flying stations!" Push the big ones off the sharp end and then when they are all asleep bounce them back on the blunt end. Finally go down to the galley in crabby flight deck gear and demand the duty chef gives you night flying suppers.
    Then the best bit; beat them all at deck hockey and volley-ball :D
  10. Ooh I forgot one:

    Curl one down in a random compartment onboard.
  11. Biggest Task book is the Task Book of life which all others are a part of
  12. As an OM part our deployment task book was to beat one off in every WE Compartment through the duration of the deployment whilst conducting rounds (1 or more per round until all compartments are completed)
  13. So true.

    I found the bearing head on a 42 to be the most rewarding.
  14. put your ships zap sticker on the back of a local trouts headboard mid shag post shag see who else has been there before you
  15. No doubt being as you joined the Newcastle after I had left you carried on the fine tradition
  16. Get your Burberry nicked

    Lose your I/D Card

  17. Indeed, I was sorely unimpressed with the distinct lack of porn you left for the handover though. :p
  18. I left loads!!!!!! Massive stock pile a newsagent would be proud of. You arrived too late lol
  19. I do not call a couple of crusty copies of Readers Wives, a German 50 plus magazine and some vintage copies of Mayfair a massive stockpile.

    You've changed Thommo, you've changed. :lol:

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