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What sort of jacket's that Mr Ainsworth?!

I'm looking to get hold of a copy of a vid/dvd of a BBC programme that ran in the late 80s or early 90s - "Making of a Royal Marine Officer".

Any pointers?

Any stars from the programme still about?!!


Lantern Swinger
I remember this. It was a documentary. However, I think you'll have to dig deep to unearth a copy of it.

It may be worth asking the question on Military forums.

Good Luck



I have a copy of this on two discs. I have it lent out at the moment but i can get it back and copy and send it if you want.


It's six or seven episodes right?

It might have been in it's original form but I have it on two discs and it is edited as if it is one episode. It has Mr. Ainsworth in it so i guess we are talking about the same thing! i will copy the DVD but i cannot do the flashy covering, sorry. If you PM your address then i can post it.
lLternatively you could go onto and look at the Royal Marines forums there. If you get one from there (use the search button) it will have the fancy stuff!
And to notify anyone who is interested in this sort of program there is one soon to be on ITV(I think) where a documentary director follows one troop (i think they nickname it Hollywood troop).


Hi All
Heres another documentary i watched some time ago about potential officers
Called SITUATION VACANT it was on BBC..
I Have been trying to locate a copy for some time. Has anyone seen this? or know where i can get it from ?

Thanks all who read..


By coincidence being off last week I was sorting the loft out with Mrs D57 - dirty, musty, full of cobwebs - but she's good with the kids - and came across a box of old military videos off the telly. One of these was 'How to make a Royal Marines Officer'. It was about 2 hours long and seemed to be in one chunk. I couldn't belive it was made in September '87!

'Nuff respect to Mr. Ainsworth on the 30 miler and to all the other members of that intake. It said that the guy who failed the 30 miler did it again the following week and then jacked - another form of courage perhaps?

Anyway, out of interest - how did their carrers as RM Officers fare - any still serving? Anyone serve with any of them?


Saw this thread and popped over from ARRSE having spent pretty much all my time with the Brigade. Before I joined the regulars I was in a Commando TA unit in London. In my intake there was a guy who went by the name of Ainsworth who was forever asking bone questions such as 'when will be be going for Arctic Training?', and he was always banging on about how he wanted to join the M&AWC.

Anyway, the unit was often a stepping stone for guys going into the Regular Army or Royal Marines, many as officers as it was located very close to a number of Universities and Polytechnics. I pushed off to Sandhurst before doing the TA Commando course and completed the AACC at a later date. Several years down the line another officer joined our mess and over time I found out that he had served in the same TA unit as me (the fact that he was wearing the unit sweatshirt gave it away) and we got talking. He'd joined after I left but he worked out that I had joined the same time as Ainsworth who had gone on to do the TA course (obviously he had become a bit of a legend already). I asked him if he knew what Ainsworth was up to these days to which he replied, 'Yes, he's now a RM officer and has just completed his course to join the Cadre'.

Now, I don't know if this is the same Mr Ainsworth but the dates would certainly tally so I too would love to see this programme to see if it's him or if I've just typed for 15 minutes for no reason at all. From what I know of the guy he is the sort who would have attracted the attentions of the DS for the wrong reasons but hats off to him for completing two commando courses and achieving his dream of becoming a 'Snowman'.

Footnote: We always wondered why he didn't join the RMR.
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