What songs take you back

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by mikh, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. There are three that take me back to my time in a blue suit

    The Only Way Is Up and Things Can only Get Better take me back to basic and trade training (Raleigh and Ceres) and Drama by Erasure, My POWTR on the BATTLEAXE used to play this when there was a captains table (defaulters used to wait in the ship's office flat) and as soon as it got to the bit where they shouted out 'GUILTY' he would turn the volume up full blast - happy days
  2. "Only you" by the flying pickets

    "True" by Spandau Ballet (groped a few Jennies to this one)

    "Dare" Album by Human League
  3. Spirit in the Sky on our way to 850ft in the dreaded balloon our first jump singing went ok til we passed two hundred feet then it became whispers. So much for hard paras!! Us three booties kept singing all the way. Honest would I lie :lol:
  4. Sugar Sugar by the Archies , got my first bit of " tit" to that , lovely jubbly, mmmmmmm ,
  5. Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell.

    I went through 6 weeks of Basic at Raleigh with this being the only music available. It was the only tape he had.

    I scream to this day when I hear it.

    When I got to Collingrad, it was Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds....Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!
  6. When I was at school(yes a loooooong time ago) we had to take in our fav song soooo I took in "its raining men " every one took the p*ss big time,,,, now of cors its cool because of the new version by Gerry...
  7. 1984, Josie?

    Armilla Patrol on Glasgow.

    Originally, the Weathergirls were called "2 Tons Of Fun".

    We had numerous debates about this. We could see where they got the "2 Tons" from, but opinion was divided about the "of Fun" part.

    I, of course, sided with the lowest common denominator.

    Edited because of an acute attack of dysexlia.
  8. Sadist! :lol:

    Kate Bush's Wuthering Hights (the original single - unpurgated)... was the first pop music which made me publically behave abnormally... well I know that's a bit rich coming from me, but all that arm swinging stuff. Loved the take-off they did of her on the TV series version of Sailor on around that time - but the video version seems to have sanitised certain bits, including that one and removed much of the swearing in the Ark version of the Magic Roundabout! :sad: Why??? :???: (it was the best bit! :twisted:) ...or is my memory fooling me? :???: :roll: :oops:
  9. Streaky - Wife fav album - stangly enough it has gone missing 3 times, she keeps on buying it though, ah well its her cash - ooops number 4 has accidently fallen in the bin!

    AAC he was not a sadist, De Sade was an ameture compared with him (he was spot on really, just had a warped sense of fun)
  10. The A25 Song

    They say in the airforce a landings okay
    If the pilot gets put and can still walk away
    But in the Fleet Air Arm the prospects are grim
    If the landings piss poor and the pilot can’t swim

    Cracking show, I'm alive,
    But I still have to render my A25

    They taught me to fly in an old Tiger Moth
    A dreadful contraption of wood string and cloth
    It does sixty knots or something fantastic
    A bloody good show for some string and elastic


    When you come o’er the round down and see Wings frown
    You can safely assume that your hook isn’t down
    A bloody great barrier looms up ahead
    Then a pipe on the broadcast 'let’s pray for the dead'


    They gave me a Seafire to beat up the fleet
    I beat up the Rodney and Nelson a treat
    Forgot the tall mast on top of the Formid
    And a seat in the goofers was worth fifty quid


    When the batsman says lower I always go higher
    I turn to starboard and prang my Seafire
    The boys in the goofers all think I am green
    But I get my commission from Supermarine


    I sit on the booster awaiting the kick
    Amusing myself by abusing my pr%@
    There goes the green light the thing gives a cough
    Cor blimey says Wings he has tossed himself off


    I fly for a living I don’t fly for fun
    I’m awfully anxious to hack dawn the Hun
    But when it comes to deck landings at night in the dark
    As I told Wings this morning, F#%k that for a lark


    As I roar down the deck in my Martlet Mk4
    Loud in my ears is the Cyclones sweet roar
    Chuff clink clink chuff clink clink chuff clink clink clink
    Away wing on sponson away life in drink


    I thought I was coming in low enough but
    I was 50 feet high when the batsman gave cut
    Loud in my earholes the sweet angels sang
    Float float float float float float barrier prang


    The latest editions the bold Buccaneer
    Filled up with black boxes and Scimitar gear
    But never mind Kruschev you're safe till the days
    When the fu$%&#g great ba$#&%d is fitted with speys


    Now if you fly Vixens you’ve got to be quick
    Cos it climbs very fast when you pull on the stick
    ‘Oh Christ’ said a pilot as heaven drew near
    ‘Pray what do you want’ said a voice in his ear


    The Phantom is highest and fastest and last
    For the time is now come when we sing of the past
    For Wilson and Healey have won in the end
    And there’ll be no flat tops for us to defend


    At pinging the Sea King is remarkably sound
    It’s wings don’t go out they go round and around
    Backwards and forwards and sideways they go
    And they don’t give a f$#k if there balls hanging low


    They taught me to fly in a Chipmunk T10
    I`d fly round and round and then once round again
    The mood of the bird made the landing a farce
    So I'd go round again and fly straight up my arse


    From fixed wing to choppers I quickly moved on
    To find it quite safe with no airspeed clocked on
    But if your descent is too fast for the flow
    Then it's chop chop chop chop and away you will go


    And so front line service I finally saw
    The pilots were good and I viewed them with awe
    But found out the maths were just too much for me
    And ‘F%$k it’said Wings some more stores in the sea


    I led a formation in LFA2
    And lower and lower and lower we flew
    Forgot all the wires and the tips of the trees
    And a pipe back at base, ‘Let us pray for all three’


    There's a bloke an our ship now that everyone knows
    Where he gets his rings from Christ only knows
    He stands up in Flyco and he rants and shouts
    And gobs off about things he knows f%$k all about


    They say in the Air Force a missions OK
    If you drop all your bombs and can still fly away
    But in the Fleet Air Arm they call you a s$#%
    If you drop 21 and get only 1 hit


    The moral of this story is quite plain to see
    A Fleet Air Arm pilot you never should be
    But stay on the shore and get two rings or more
    And go out on the piss every night with a whore
  11. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto 'A garota do Ipanema' takes me back to Paraguay - the heat, 90% humidity - being totally overwhelmed by the climate - amazing feeling - drinking maté - listening now and pretending ... 8)
  12. James "laid" Awesome song for said reason

    Corner shop "brimful of asher" From my time working and living in Wales.

    Prodigy "Smack my bitch up" From a winter mountaineering trip to Saas Fee in Switzerland and getting pissed in the underground bar.

    Amarillo by whats his face from very drunken nights on the piss and doing very strange things whilst doing Karaoke

  13. Then I listen to Chilean Victor Jara's beautiful voice and I think of the fascist sons of bitches trained by the septics who murdered him and lots of others and I don't feel so cheerful - I expect the scum will be about to descend on Bolivia now that the peasants are revolting 8)
  14. Every time i hear,.. Tainted Love,,, it takes me back to the fisrt ever disco i went to,,, at the Fiesta in plymouth,,,,, had good times there skating an dancing.....
  15. 3 times a lady - My 18th Birthday, on Fearless in the North Sea, The duty RPO said Happy Birthday as I got my first ever 3 cans!

    Bat out of hell / Earth Wind & Fire - Greatest hits AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH
    Played on Hermes, played day in day out for 3 weeks as it was the only thing the SRE had onboard. Flew off back to Gannet, first song the DJ played as we got in the bar & the last as the beer thrown at him shorted the dj unit.
  16. holy cow...............how freaky....
  17. Top thread this one, amazing how certain songs take you back in time.......who needs HG Wells! I will always be transported back to the PR in Guzz circa 1989 whenever I hear If I could turn back time by Cher or You hold it all in (I think its called) by Beautiful South, halcyon days!
  18. Your so vain, Carly Simon Norway 72, I'm not in Love, 10cc Guz 70's, born to be wild, whole lot of love, paranoid, sabre dance, the list goes on and on but still bring back happy memories. Even now 3 million years later when I hear some tunes it's straight back to certain towns or Countries. Very powerful.
  19. Red Sails in the Sunset....Pat boone

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