what song would you have played at your funeral?


Lantern Swinger
I vow to theee my country

The Day thou gavest Lord has ended

and of course a RM Bugler playing Sunset. That way people are guaranteed to cry if it's not for my passing!


Lantern Swinger
Time to say goodbye by Satorri. Gets me every time, possibly put Spirit in the Sky in there somewhere as well but i also like the idea of RM bugler doing sunset Nice idea Jambosun!
no songs.. no tears.. dump me forget me..

but my real plan is to be "" stuffed "" and passed on through the generations... in the end i will be

a) worth fortune because whom ever stuffed me became famous
b) i will be stuck in a dark nasty corner, with cat hair and coats all over me

so iether way i will be of some use.


Lantern Swinger
Gonna get burnt so to start with I think "Fire" by the crazy world of arthur Brown.

At the end I want the theme tune from Star Trek Voyager - This wll come poor second as I never got to meet 7 of 9


Lantern Swinger
Danny boy.(on bagpipes preferably)
Song to the siren(by This Mortal Coil)
Requim for a soldier (the BoB version).

I don't know if the service wil be long enough to play all 3 ,maybe they try to get rid of me as quick as possible,but Danny boy definatly has to be played.
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