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Hello everyone looking for a bit of advice. As i have my pJFT coming up very soon I have constantly at the gym to get my time better. I injured my legs about 1 week and a half ago. I thought it was just pulled muscles so carried on at the gym anyway. I was just speak to a physiotherapist who has told me not to run and she will see me in the next week (if I am lucky and there is a cancelation) I was just wanting a bit of advice whether I should tell the AfCO or just leave it? I might get it sort by next week which will be fine but I don't want to leve it to late to ind out I will has to cancel the test and wait til it is sorted. Any advice greatly appreciated

Thanks kal
My advice would be to read your posts beforehand to make sure that it makes sense.

Inform your AFCO, cancel your PJFT until you are 100% sure that your injury has cleared up. You might make it worse if you don't, and if you find out from the physio next week that all is ok, you will have only delayed your PJFT by a week or so. Now get back to serving those burgers!


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if you have an injury and dont tell them and then fail the test its through no fault of your own so
i would ring your AFCO for advice just to be safe.


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Apologizes I do normally re-read my post before posting but that was rushed so i do apologize for all the spelling/grammar mistakes. Thank you for the advice, I will give the office a phone as soon as I get a chance. Also it is not burgers that I serve it is chicken :)
As Drakey says:-

Let your careers office know, cancel your appointment (Otherwise we get charged), get yourself some informed medical opinions, then when fit let the careers office know and get it re-booked.

You will either fail, get a rubbish pass or injure yourself more

Think about it



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Hey everyone, quick question and didn't want to start a new thread. I got told I had shin splint, I was wondering if anyone else has had this and how long did it take to heal?

I think I will be having to wait a while as I think I have done more damage by continuing running on it. Bit gutting to be told that I will have to wait and was just see if anyone else ha experienced it and how long it took to heal.

Thanks kal

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