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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mclark84, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. I applied to be a Logistics Officer in Feb 09 and took my AIB over the last three days and was given a fail and told not to return as the marks were too wide and would have to stay a way longer than a year.

    I went to my local Area careers office for my options, I was told that I could apply for a Logistics Writer and then once a Petty Officer apply for AIB but this could be a small chance. I am now 26 (Nov 84) with going through this pipeline is possible to make this?

    I originally wanted to be a Warfare Officer but didn't make AIB before I was 25 and thought about going for Warfare Specialist but this would mean I would never be an officer but wouldn't like to be stuck in a branch that I am not excited about being part of.

    Also considering that I have passed all requirements to enter as a rating with security clearance would my waiting time be less?

    Does anyone please have any advice?

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  2. You don't have to be a PO to go through. There's a scheme called SUY (Senior Upper Yard men) as well as UY (Upper yardmen). Ask your AFCO or go to the RN MoD website for details.
  3. Having security clearance or not doesn't affect your waiting time either as far as I'm aware
  4. Thanks for your advice I greatly appreciate it. I was told by the Commanding Officer that he would not recommend me to come back as he thought I needed longer than a year to gain the leadership skills I needed in order to pass, the only part he said I did bad in was that he did not see any leadership skills in the Practical Leadership Task.

    It has been for the last two years my life's dream to become an officer in the Royal Navy and now that 26 I can't see me making it as I believe the cut off age is 31 for an officer if I go through the SUY scheme.
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  5. For what its worth buddy. Dont beat yourself up over not passing the AIB. Its closed one door for the immediate moment yes, but that doesnt mean you cant serve the RN in equally fine fashion as a rating. I wish you luck in whatever you choose :)
  6. Your totally right it's just I really wanted it so bad.
  7. Does that include warfare? If it does then would mean that I could join as a warfare specialist in a branch I originally wanted to go and if I show enough be put forward for AIB.
  8. Mclark84,

    I have taken the liberty to post and embolden what I believe to be a pertinent quotation from a 1996 article by a former Flag Officer in charge of the AIB:

    <<<……requirement for an, albeit much reduced, Officer Corps remains and to lead tomorrow's high quality ships' companies demands, amongst other characteristics of course, a keen intellect.

    Members of Admiralty Interview Boards seek:

    (a) to confirm such talent in a candidate and,
    (b) to test whether such intellect seems likely to be well used by the candidate to the advantage of the service>>>

    I do not believe that requirement or AIB’s Terms of Reference on Leadership have altered very much from that article at:


    Your dream has indeed suffered a harsh 'reality check' but remember that the RN offers considerable scope for a worthwhile career within the Rating structure.

    So be heartened that there are opportunities for a 'late developer' to progress through the SUY scheme, as has already been pointed to you by others here.

    I wish you well in your deliberations.

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  9. Does this apply to other branches besides logistics? I am looking to join as a rating but I am a bit of an old fart at 31 and had ruled out any possibility of me ever becoming a commisioned officer.

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