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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by samstan, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. i have my interview in a few weeks, i am joining seaman spec, i want to know what its really like.
    they told me that there is currently a years wait, is there a way i can speed things up?
  2. Apply to the Oz navy?
  3. Alright mate, ive applied as a specialist aswell, im off to raleigh in july, i applied last august! dont worry bout the wait, it gives you a chance to decide if its really what you want to do. you dont wanna rush. gives you more time to get fit aswell. in a way its been better to wait.
  4. Waiting a year to get in gives you a year to get fit :cool: think positive :wink:
  5. Fair point dunkers. I was looking at a fair wait in 86 when I joined but I nagged them a little and managed to grab a place that had been turned down by someone else at the last minute.

    If you really want to do it - then it will be worth the wait.

  6. Don't waste the year. if your education is lacking in maths or English then get enrolled in a course at your local college of knowledge and improve your grades.
  7. I was asked to join up earlier back in 78,missed out on a holiday to Greece!

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