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I had my interview for the Royal Navy for warfare specialist on Thursday. The Petty officer wants me to come back for a update interview he wants me to improve my swimming and maybe think about changing jobs he offered me some jobs I should think about choosing , HR writer, Logic Chain, Communications Information systems specialist which is a technical branch in Engineering branch. I most of done quite well on the RT test. When he talking to me i saw the folder with my name and the scores I got i got a glimspe of my scores , I got 61 16 for reasoning, 18 English, Maths,14 , Mechanical comprehension 14. The first time i took the RT I failed by a few points for warfare i got chef and Hr . One month later retook and i was the only one who passed the test in the room. I have my update interview on 11th September 9:00am . I'm thinking about changing jobs to CIS but i don't think I can hack the maths side i got G in GCSE MATHS i have a mental block with maths. What should I do stick to Warfare specialist I'm interested in but CIS seems interesting , and the pay is a bit better in a technical job and when i leave I will have something to fall back. What should I do stick to Warfare Specialist or choose CIS?

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