what should i do? AET or Officer?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. So when i took my psychometric tests, with my score the AFCO officer told me with the marks I got i should seriously consider going to uni and doing the course to be an air engineering officer and not a technician,
    I think id rather work my way up through the ranks, know every aspect of the job sort of thing.
    what do you guys an gals think???
  2. Do what you want to do, you'll enjoy it more
  3. Listen to the AFCO officer.
    If you have the qualifications do do an engineering degree then go for it.
    Joining as an officer is easier than working your way through the rating system.
    Life as an officer is far nicer (after you get to Lt) and life on boardship much more comfortable.
  4. bjb

    This is a question which often comes up - should I go in as an Officer or a Rating?

    Quite often I have seen Rum Rationers say "Go for Officer - you start on better money AND you don't have to worry about getting an opportunity to do the AIB later in your career". Others say "I joined as a Rating, would have hated being an Officer, best thing for me by far".

    Oddly enough, I was at a function a few days ago and spent some time chatting to a female Logistics Officer and we discussed the question of how many women join the various branches. We were talking at one point about how many women join as Engineering Officers and we both expressed the hope that more and more women would consider joining in that capacity; unfortunately, many young women are put off the subjects which lead to Engineering careers while they are at school and so don't have or wish to have it as an option later on.

    This is going to be a difficult decision for you and you must take into account all the opinions which you will get in response to your question. I can't say to you "Go for Rating" or "Go for Officer", but I would say to you that it is definitely worth your while getting all the information about both options - perhaps ask to see an ACLO for a chat - and think it through.
  5. Deleted for over pretentiousness!

    But 'so' at the beginning of a sentence! :(
  6. Going for a commission from the being a rating is one long slog.
  7. i dont know what to do :s
    im going to have to have a long think and also a few chats at the AFCO i think!
    im currently in the process of an AET application, id have to start the recruitment process again right?
  8. bjb

    May I just check again what you have in the way of GCSEs, AS Levels, A Levels and other qualifications pls?
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do some more education, the navy will still be around while your having a party, honest.

    *Sensible mode off.
  10. I didnt get very good GCSEs, i had some family problems so I took time off before them.
    A- P.E shortcourse
    B- Drama
    B- English Language
    B- Welsh
    B- Art
    C- Science
    C- Additional Science
    C- History
    C- Electronics- D&T
    C- English language
    D- Math

    College Qualifications
    Level 2 in electrotechnical technology-installation building and structures
    level 3 in engineering- mechanical manufacturing
    Peo in electrical insatallations
    and am currently on level 3 multiskilled engineering courseeil
    have all my level 2 key skills and am now on level 3 key skills

    have numerous qualifications from st.johns ambulance if that helps??

    thanks sol
  11. soleil- sorry
  12. Silly question maybe, but why did you pick the Navy? Did you have a look at options within the Army aswell?
  13. this is going to seem stupid but with the army you have to sign up to fight first dont you?
    thats what i dont want to do,
    ill fight if it comes down to it, but dont want to go in for like 6months as a soldier sort of thing, why'd you ask?
    not meaning that rude
  14. Your information is not accurate about your early commitment to going to war (although all three of the services are fighting a war at the moment and you will almost certainly get involved early on in your career which ever route you choose). There are many opportunities within the Army that might suit you aswell. I know it may make deciding what you want to do a little harder, but there are a miriad of opporunities in the Army aswell. Have a word with AFCO and perhaps start with a visit to www.armyjobs.mod.uk
  15. thankyou, ill have a look now
  16. bjb

    What kind of qualifications are the College quals? Are they all BTECs?

    You may need to resit your Maths GCSE by the way - you need 5 GCSEs including Maths and English at Grades A* - C.

    You need your 180 UCAS Points too, of course. Those will be calculated based on your higher level qualifications.
  17. no, their NVQs the ones I have from college at the minute, ive been thinking of resitting my math GCSE anyway, just to redeem myself :)
  18. I'd have another crack at the English as well if I were you.

    And I thought the first time it might have been a typo, but the word is MATHS
  19. It's "mathematics" if you want to be really pedantic :lol:

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