What ship is this?

Can any of you Nave types tell me what ship that is in the left of the picture, type will be sufficient. I am trying to date a photo for a friend that his Dad took in Hong Kong in the 50's we have narrowed it down to being post 1952 and pre-59, because of the Daring Class destroyer in dock and some of the buildings that have not been built.



Just on the buildings alone we have narrowed it down to 1957 and 1959, it is most likely HMS Tyne, because of the life boat configuration and the ladder down the side are identical to other pictures of the same vessel.

Thanks for the help folks, somebody has now put together a piece of his Father's life!
If those dates are correct, it couldn't be the Tyne either. She arrived back in the UK in May 1954 and never ventured east of the Med after that.
True, I was going off what they others had said before. But looking at the rear mast and the life boats it is exactly the same as pictures of HMS Tyne, somebody else might have their building dates mixed up, and Tyne was a Destroyer support ship before it became a submarine one!
I am open to answers, I am not the SME by any stretch of imagination!
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