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What shall we do with the drunken sailor? Pay a million.


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Sorry, but if any of this is true then it sucks big time. Anyone know the truth?

£1 million payout for drunken sailor who hurt her back - double the award to maimed hero Ben Parkinson | Mail Online

I fail to see how a pissed person at a Mess function can get an award of this size when compared to the seriously injured in action soldier. Can somebody tell me the rationale? She went to the function of her own free will - or was she ordered? She was pissed - was she force fed the booze? She fell off a human pyramid - was she lifted up and lowered onto it, or did she climb up it.

Stories like this boil by piss, hence it is in Lil's rather than CA
Bloody amazing. I wonder if this results from the ambulance chasing parasite briefs, no win, no fee business?

How long now until traditional horseplay becomes firmly banned under threat of some ridiculous punishment?

This made me nearly smile, though;
the servicewoman plummeted up to 30ft to the floor.
Must be a WAFU; defies gravity. Good thing she was pissed or she could have really hurt herself.


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I hope she feels guilty. Troop her for being drunk on board. Articles like this will do the services no good at all.
To me it reads that she was ordered to attend and ordered to get drunk but that never happens. I guess someone knows more but it may have been hushed up. Probably best to keep it that way as the press will be looking for comments and we don't want more knee jerk reactions.

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Latest I've just read said she's a LT at Collingrad.

And fear not... She's got a sporting career too!
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The Daily Mail so I'm not going to read enough to conduct a detailed analysis but I suspect that the MOD didn't volunteer the compensation / damages for the lass injured during high ( 30 feet high ) jinx but were ordered to cough by a judge.

Collingwood ( if so ) wardroom, headroom 30 feet? Really? Where? Or did they build this human pyramid in the car park?


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Daily Bollocks said:
During the evening in 2007, she became involved in ‘drunken high jinks’ with high-spirited troops climbing on each others’ shoulders, sources told the Mail.
But the human tower collapsed and the servicewoman plummeted up to 30ft to the floor.

The woman took legal action, arguing that top brass had responsibility for her well-being as she was invited to the event.

Ah well, now that the MOD has admitted liability and paid out, the "top brass" responsible at the event will obviously now be held to account and prosecuted for negligence.

Guaranteed innit?

(I'm being ironic)


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My biggest drip about this is that if as mentioned above she is still walking, functioning, instructing and still employed by the RN - how in the name of all that is 'fair' does a million quid for her drunken hi jinks even begin to compare with the likes of Ben Parkinson and all the other lads and lases who have been terribly maimed.

It really sucks and I truly hope she cannot sleep at night.


My biggest drip about this is that if as mentioned above she is still walking, functioning, instructing and still employed by the RN - how in the name of all that is 'fair' does a million quid for her drunken hi jinks even begin to compare with the likes of Ben Parkinson and all the other lads and lases who have been terribly maimed.

It really sucks and I truly hope she cannot sleep at night.

This is another example of the country that we now live in and I have no doubt if any of her colleagues were to voice their disgust she would set her lawyer on them, of course I could have it totally wrong.

What happened to the charge of 'self inflicted injury'? An example being, if you got yourself seriously sunburnt through your own stupidity and were unable to carry out your duties you could find yourself being trooped. Thank goodness I served when I did.

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I knelt down on a Sea King freight floor ring bolt once and during the same watch got a locking wire stab, the pain received was child birth x 10. Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Again, it's difficult not to get irate when comparing the travesty of the injuries suffered by a genuine casualty of war and that of a pissed Naval Officer that feels she should be compensated because her misadventure whilst drunk was not her fault. Then again, the Daily Wail does have a tendency to spout utter bollocks on all things military...

That said, if anyone had a spine during the whole sordid affair, which once again brings the Naval Service into disrepute in the eyes of many, she should've been sacked for being so pissed she was a liability in the workplace. Most people have the dignity and moral integrity to accept responsibility for their actions drunk or sober, but on the face of it, this Officer clearly doesn't if the report is actually correct. It may not be.

Another way to look at it: How many of us, at the prospect of being offered a million quid (or just a few thousand) would think "Bollocks, it's a big company & everyone else does it" ? Sadly a large number of people think just that.
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