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"What shall we do with a drunken Sailor" Censor him

See toadys BBC News now the PC bridage have turned the ditty: "What shall we do with a drunken sailor" into a ".................Grumpy Pirate" to distance children from alcohol.

Still Purple Twiglet will tell us its all to do with the RN's Budget and SPB will tell us he is part of the Military but not in the Police, our very own PC representives.

Drunken Sailor



And the same people also said that humpty dumpty is too violent to kids and that three little pigs is offensive to muslims.

Its PC gone mad


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Quite right, 'Drunken Sailor' is a malicious, fictitious construct as RRs well know and sends out an entirely false and disrespectful image. XMT NZB perhaps. Anyway we haven't any longboats left.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Of course the nursery rhyme 'Robin and Richard were two pretty men' is unaffected by this ..


Lantern Swinger
Can Jack still take Jill up the hill?

Had nothing when I came on this earth I"m doing well I still have it, if I can find it.


Book Reviewer
Yorkie_S/M said:
Can Jack still take Jill up the hill?

And break his crown?

Had nothing when I came on this earth I"m doing well I still have it, if I can find it.


Lantern Swinger
I'm not at all sure I can understand the logic behind this argument. It appears that there was a secret agenda to remove any references to alcohol but surely replacing them with references to crimes such as piracy must be worse?!

Can it not also be argued that in these times of increased attacks on shipping along the coast of Somalia and in the Malacca straits that romanticising armed criminals is a rather insensitive idea? It also downplays the danger to merchantmen travelling through those waters which keeps the danger alive.

I think the original rhyme makes an argument against drinking, for none of the suggestions for the 'drunken sailor' are particularly pleasant, and he is made a figure of fun in the rhyme. I'd rather children be taught that drunkeness brings punishment than that pirates are friendly and like their bellies tickled. At least the former is to some extent factual, which isn't that what education is all about?


War Hero
So all pirates were "T" ? Another childhood impression down the PC tube. Bah, a pox on them and their houses. Next thing, Hitler was a good chap, but seriously misunderstood. What a shower of J Arfurs.


War Hero
Surely that (edit - six and a half) supports the comment by the charity involved that this is nothing to do with the hysterical 'political correctness' fabricated by right-wing media. Maybe it has been done purely to fit in with a 'pirate theme'.

It's not all reds under the bed folks.


Lantern Swinger
There is nothing fabricated about political correctness. It is a very real and very terrifying menace (George Orwell's 1984 and 'newspeak' anyone?)

I'm sure that you're right, Guzzler, and that its not always reds under the bed. But I fear that it usually is, or is that just paranoia?
It was interesting listening to Talk-Sport today, they did a version of "what shall we do with the Grumpy Pirate" - NICE.......Not.

They then had a phone in for PC'd Football songs which was a laugh. Like "who's the fatherless child in the black".

I suppose you had to be there!!!




War Hero
I think it is actually rather nice and if it helps to generate more positive interaction between parents and children then I am all for it.

"We wanted to find a rhyme which would fit in with this subject and this one has []a tune which is instantly recognisable by all[/]," said a statement from Bookstart.

"The []inclusion of action lyrics like 'wiggle' and 'tickle' offer parents and small children an opportunity to interact, have fun and enjoy acting out the rhyme together[/]."

During a period when we are increasingly reading about horrible acts of violence against children (by their own parents) and given the recognised fact that many parents simply have no idea how to "interact" with their children, this should be seen as a positive initiative.
Crazy PC madness and as usual really in touch with today's kids! cause we hear them singing that ancient sea shanty all the time in the streets these days!!!!
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