What shall I wear?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi people, as some of you know I've got a presentation to attend on Friday at my nearest AFCO.

    On the letter that came with the information pack, it says it's an informal presentation and it's just to show you what the Navy has to offer.

    I've just come off the blower to my dad and he says I should wear something smart like a suit and tie.

    I told him it's informal and it's just a careers advisor going through all the jobs, etc - He said not to be so stupid and they're assessing you from the minute you enter the building. He said if I go down in a tracksuit top and hoody or jeans and T-Shirt, they'll think I'm scruffy!

    So I'm asking people with experience, what shall I wear?

    Suit, Shirt, Tie and looking the business

    Tracksuit Bottoms/Hoody

  2. None of the above, if it is genuinely an informal presentation my guess would be smart casual, making sure everything is clean smart and properly pressed. There is no better way of standing out than turning up dressed as if Queenie was giving the presentation when in fact it is the chief in casual rig.
  3. I fully agree with Peter, polished shoes not trainers, slacks not jeans, open neck cotton shirt well pressed, sweater or jacket.

    No No's T shirts, Hoodies, Jeans, trainers, chewing gum, smoking, clutching a bottle of water.

  4. Thanks for the response you two!

    Couple of ?s

    What are 'Slacks'?

    And have you got any links to the clothes you suggested as I'll obviously have to do a bit of shopping here! lol

    Would you have a long-sleeve shirt or a short-sleeve?

    Black shoes?

    So all in all - Shoes, shirt (White?) (LS or SS?), Trousers (Black?) and a nice Jumper?

    Oh and Peter, when it comes to the interviews, etc, would it be wise to wear the suit then?
  5. Take notice of Maxi and Nutty and you won't go far wrong. If asked any questions speak in a clear voice,do not mumble, above all treat the guys giving the presentation with respect.
    Lastly engage brain before mouth, DO NOT GOB OFF!
  6. Hahah, cheers slim!

    I'm always confident of the way I speak, manners, respect, etc... it's just the appearance bit always worries me!
  7. Just to emphasis Slim's point (b*gger it there I go agreeing with people again) LISTEN, THINK, THINK AGAIN the speak. Be honest tell them the truth not what you think they want to hear. You will get more respect for saying you don't know unless of course it is something that even the dumbest half wit will know.

    Be confident and respectful but not too deferential, remeber they need you as well as you wanting to join them.

  8. Thanks Maxi!

    I'm a little bit nervous already! Perhaps if I was a little bit slimmer, I would be more confident! Packing a little bit extra you see which I fear will count against me! Bloody hell I only need another month to shift it, but alas, the lady phoned and now I MUST attend!

    I'm not saying I'm obese, I'm 5ft 9 and 12.5 stone! So a teeny bit porky! lol! I should be a stone lighter - Hence the '1 more month needed'
  9. Haha so 'Slacks' are trousers? lol

    What colors are 'slimming' - Would you say darker or lighter colors ?
  10. One other tip Creddly, for God sakes look the interview in the eye when answering questions.
  11. lol Check!

    Nah, seriously though, I'm not worried about the way I speak. I don't repeat myself, have a wide vocabulary when I open up (But don't use it over the top), I don't slur, I have a clear, deep voice! Not trying to blow my own horn - It's all I have got going really! lol

    It's just the appearance that worries me!

    What would you lads say to this jumper and shirt with a pair of black 'Slacks' lol and polished black shoes?

  12. Get yourself a pair of chinos - nip down to Marks & Sparks if you can't see anything anywhere else. They say that vertical stripes on a shirt are slimming because the eyes are drawn to the vertical line instead of the horizontal - not sure how much truth there is to it.

    In general terms, stay away from high fashion. Pair of "normal" trousers, a "normal" (ie not very bright or patterned, no big logos) shirt, decent shoes and (as has been said) no accessories (pack of fags, bottle of water, iPod, etc.).

    And be yourself - even in an interview they don't want you to be in the RN already - they want to see potential for training. I think the word is "malleable".

    Don't worry about it too much tho!
  13. Haha 'Malleable' I love that word ever since Gervais used it in the legendary 'Office'

    Damn, was gonna take the iPod on the bus as I've got nothing to do on the way down and it's an hour away! Guess it's just counting lamp-posts then! lol!

    Thanks for the advice though mate! I was thinking of simplicity with regards to the clothes!

  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Just stare and stare, no blinking! :lol:
  15. lol I'll be cello-taping my eyes open before going in! :wink:
  16. Simplicity with te clothes is definitely the way, although for one I would shy away from the white shirt (white shirts are formal and uniform) and for me anyway long sleaves are more comfortable at this time of the year., plain colour rhat compliments the colour of the trousers, same with the socks (definitely not white socks). I would also suggest a jacket that goes with the rest of the ensemble.

    From the sound of it there may be some outlay, but not only will it help in achieving you ambitions, but the gear will come in handy when you join any way so it will be an investment.

    Good luck.
  17. LOL first off, never need to mention the 'White socks' around me! I despise white socks - They've got to be the most tacky, chavvy apparel around! Always black for me!

    So you're saying I should get a jacket to go with the shirt and jumper?

    Did you see the link for the jumper?

    http://www.next.co.uk/items/X38/shotview/386/105-946-X38w.jpg there it is anyway if you missed it! Thinking getting something like that to wear with black trousers and black shoes!
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Always a Civvy wrote

    Creddly wrote
    To men of a certain vintage, like Always a Civvy!

    Good advice in the above posts. Some more advice to avoid annoying people of a certain vintage (the Careers Office staff.)

    No hangover.
    No comedy socks.
    Polish your shoes.
    No colour clashes with shoes, socks, slacks. Amplifying Maxi 77's advice.
    Shave (face - gender and hormones permitting).

    If you know the RN/RM rank /rate of a speaker, use it in conversation. It is never to previous to use 'Sir' for Officers and Warrant Officers.
    Short hair for blokes is the norm these days but if you are a hippy, a haircut wouldn't go amiss. Neck shave in any case.

    Don't call people 'people'. It's fine for American COs and TV detectives addressing the men but it isn't British and certainly not naval. (Have I told you this already?)

    You may turn up as a scruff and join up and in 35 years time be an Admiral or you may come in smarter than a Guardsman and retire a 'eight badge' AB but it doesn't harm to make an attempt to impress from civvy side.
  19. I found out very quickly first impressions are everything, you should look smart but not overly keen the given advice was really good and you should take notice. On my informals i wore black trousers nice, comfortable shoes and i jumper a nice one i looked smart but not too smart. Look and see how far the people who turn up in trackies and jeans get.

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