What scran?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. KFC

  2. McDonalds

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  3. Burger King

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  4. Chinese all you can eat buffet

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  5. Pizza Hut all you can eat buffet

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  6. Kebab

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  7. Fish & Chips

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  8. Sushi

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  9. Subway

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  10. Greggs the bakers

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  1. I work in London, just off King Street. Within 5 minutes walk I have all the scran outlets listed above.

    Overwhelmed with this huge choice and lacking in imagination somewhat due to some heavy midweek drinking, I thought I would let you lot decide what I should have for lunch.

    Answers on a postcard please, or alternatively you could just vote in the poll placed conveniently above.

    I also have M&S simply food nearby, but I don't consider this to be a real option as it is not cooked in a deep fat fryer.
  2. Greggs the bakers? Do me a favour. Might as well licrowave a pie from Aldi.

    Its friday, gotta be finyan steak and jockeys whips.
  3. Who the fcuk voted Kebab? I mean seriously, at this time of day?

    You do know if you eat a kebab while you are not pissed, it will cause a rift in the space time continuum?

  4. It's got to be fish and chips with mushy peas and gravy!

    Although you could go to Mcdonalds and take the piss out of some chavs or perv on the milf that take the brats there?
  5. I'm liking this option although without the gravy for two reasons.

    1. They don't do gravy in civilised Southern chippies.
    2. It makes your chips soggy. Soggy chips today, safety catch tomorrow.
  6. Anywhere that does cheesy, hammy, eggy, gets my vote.
  7. Eatings cheating.
  8. It's friday so it has to be fish and chips. Once you have eaten that you can still go to McDonalds and have a crafty wank whilst looking at Primark-clad peasants
  9. WHAT?!?! A chip shop that doesn't do gravy, what the fu*k is that about? :evil:

    They better do good old batter bits and battered sausage or mars bar!
  10. Shit, sorry that was me. It was meant to be a vote for the chippy iaw my last post. I hit the wrong button - have you any idea how hard it is using this site on a mobile, in the back of a car, hurtling back to Pompey away from our web-footed cone-headed freaky friends.

    Still, at least I have a grip full of Ron Dewney's - that wasn't on the list!
  11. cant beat good old chips cheese and gravy.
    the food of gods.
  12. What about real scran;
    Shit on a raft
    Arizona Strawberries
    Spithead Pheasant
    Babies Heads
  13. Alas, none of the establishments in Hammersmith serve such fine fayre.
  14. Right Subway wins.

    Cheers for your help lads.

    Footlong BMT with cheese coming my way with all the salad and Southwest sauce.
  15. WHAT?! No vote on the filling? Bastard, I hope you find a ginger's pube in there now! :D
  16. If the ginger pube is laid by the fit gwar Aussie bird who works there, then I have absolutely no problems with letting a stray bum hair slither down my throat. :lol:
  17. Yeah Red on the Roof smelly on the hoof!!
  18. Subway 2 votes, Chinese 4 votes, Subway wins???

    These's several countries round the world in need of your vote-counting skills!! Lol!
  19. Woah there! It was a draw between the two when I left the office, I chose Subway in good faith, based on the fact that a fittish gwar Aussie bird works there.

    I will let the poll run in order to decide my lunch options for Monday.
  20. Did you get a snap of the bird to post on here? If not a snap of the 6" will do. Preferably the subway.

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