What Rum Ration needs is a mascot!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dunkers, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Arrse has Mr Potato Head (from the film Toy Story)... what mascot could we have for RR?

    A good one for publicity/humour etc.

    Ideas..? :D
  2. It's a very good idea Dunkers. Captain Pugwash perhaps?

  3. or perhaps for those with to much time on their hands a drawn/computer made image of a suitable mascot with a prize for the winner.
  4. I have uploaded a new pic involving Capt Pugwash to the gallery, just awaiting admin approval now.
  5. Bottle of Pussers perhaps? Yes that would also be a good iea. A matelot to represent both the old and noo navy, the male and female, etc... Perhaps a Kyetie matelot in square rig with a beard and pony tails. :lol:
  6. or a Bangkok lady boy in a sailors outfit, think that covers all your bases
  7. Look forward to seeing him, Dunkers. Perhaps we should have Nutty?
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nutty keeps on insisting He's straight, perhaps you know differently?? :lol:
  9. He's definately straight. Any suggestions for a mascot Janner. My choice would be obvious: a bearded action man sailor in blue ovvies, boots and hat, but we don't want to frighten off the real sailors, do we? :lol:
  10. JOAQUIN PHOENIX!!!! He is so easy on the eyes, oh, gonna creep off now :lol:
  11. He was good in "walk the line" jenny , but I'd go for Reese Witherspoon , can just see her in a jennys uniform , [drool , drool ] :roll: :lol: I'll have to have a think about this one , a Mascot that will appeal to us oldies and the generation coming through now , bit of a challenge there methink's , thinking caps on chaps , got to get it right first time , :roll:
  12. Wiley Coyote
  13. Captain Barbossa, from "Pirates of the Carribean."

    Nasty bugger.
  14. How about PRESCOTT.

    Damn I forgot the Labour party still have him as there mascot!!
  15. or better still captain jack sparrow somthing to keep the men and women happy!
  16. Was he the character in Dr.Who or I am loosing my marbles faster than I thought?
  17. captain jack was in doctor who

    captain jack sparrow is Jonny Depp in the films

    unless [email protected] losing my marbles
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ali-p's yer man Noz, answers to the above description and not too fussy, I'm given to understand (allegedly) :eek:
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having met him I am in a position to tell you that He hasn't got a straight line on him, everything curves outwards, I have pics to prove it. :lol:
  20. Janner, were that the basis of sexuality, most hairy, three-badge SR's would be gay, would they not? What a pleasant thought... :D :lol: :roll:

    I have just thought of two other potential mascots. The most obvious, thinking about it, is Jack, from the Tugg cartoons. Does anyone know if Tugg Wilson is still around? Perhaps he might be willing to draw us a suitable Jack mascot in return for a botle of... Pussers? :)

    The other option is the Rawson cartoon in today's Guardian*: although the rating in question is questionably attired and doing a pongo salute - in fact I think he's Nozzy (me) 8O

    *It's possible Hegs (no relation by the way) is right you know: I like funny teas (mainly Oolong/Assam/Lapsang souchong), read The Guardian & like, amongst other things, classical music: perhaps it should be the true test of gayness - what do you think Janner? :idea:

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