what role in the navy would suit me?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by danimal, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. hey guys first post here, basically im 23 i have some qualifications gcse a levels hnd. im hitting a cross roads in my life and i need to get a proper career! ive been looking at the navy as a possible choice but i dont find the navy website massively helpfull as to what each role actually entails etc and i also have a few other qns so would appreciate any help!

    1 so my first question would be id be specifically interested in the weapons systems on the boats, using / being in charge of fireing them etc what role would suit that

    2 how much is travel possible? i really want to get out there and see as much of the world as possible!

    3 (i know this is going to sound stupid but please go easy) basically im into bodybuilding / weights and wondering if on the ships they have any facilities like that you can use in your spare time?

    4 do you get to do some weapon training ie similar to army doing exercises on dartmoor sailsbury etc?
    any help or advice would be greatly apreciated
    regards dan
  2. 1. I believe Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering), Warfare Specialist and Seamanship Specialist deal with firing of the ships weapon systems.

    2. Depends on what you do, if it's any of the above roles it's very likely you'll serve onboard a ship and travel to wherever the deployment is.

    3. They do.

    4. In week 4 of your basic training you have NMT which is learning how to fire and maintain the SA80 rifle. You also go to Dartmoor on week 5 for a weekend (i believe) and have a hike around, stay overnight on the moor then go to the pub for some beers and food.
  3. Danimal, as you are 23 I would suggest that you would feel a bit "mature" were you to join up as a Seaman, especially with those quals.

    You like weights and phys, you aren't thick, and want to travel and maybe have the chance to do some shooting?

    As an ME myself, I must say that you sound like very good wafu material.
    ET(AE) or something similar in the Air World would suit you just fine I think :)

    Have a good look on the RN website at the AE careers, I'm sure that some WAFU's will be along at some point singing the praises of their branch :)
  4. That does not sound good to a 35-year-old looking at SEA!
  5. Oh dear [​IMG]
  6. PM me if you feel the need to tell me something.
  7. On its way :)
  8. I think you would benefit a lot by going into the engineering side of things and the best thing would be to go to your local AFCO to talk things over and then decide which one you want; Air, Weapons or Marine.

    You will get plenty of time to pursue your bodybuilding passion as there are gyms on all establishments and even plenty of scope at sea, albeit a bit lumpy at times. ;-)

    The travel side is really all down to luck in a way and depends on which ship you end up on. There is plenty of time away these days, but most of it is operational and not merely port to port like it used to be.
    Good luck with whatever you choose and I am sure you will have a great time.
  9. lol thanks for the great feedback guys, im struggling with a lot of the acronyms tho lol anyone could decypher them fo rme that would be greatly apreciated LOL


    sorry to be a pain :p
  10. Higs would love you mate.
    ME Marine Engineer
    WAFU Wet And [email protected]#!ing Useless (The Fleet Air Arm)
    ET(AE) Engineering Tech (Aircraft Engine)
    AFCO Armed Forces Careers Office
    Yomping around Dartmoor with weapons and Bergans is overrated, get yourself a trade.
  11. Dan
    Is your HND in engineering? If so, you could join the RFA as an officer. Not much in way of weapons but loads of travel and it's tax free when you're away from UK for 6 months or more. They go where we go. PM me if interested and I'll put you in touch with the RFA recruiters.
    I would rather you joined the RN, but the RFA will give you civvy quals transferrable anywhere in the merch fleet. Just giving you another option before anyone has a pop.
  12. unfortunately no its not in engineering. been looking on the website what does life as a warfare specialist entail? and would i need a degree to go straight in as wf oficer?
  13. For Warfare Officer you need at least 180 UCAS points and five A*-C GCSE's.
  15. I thought they were still called Press Gangs ;)
  16. 23 - MATURE??????

    I'm 27 so should i feel out of place in Raleigh??????????
  17. Read the post again.
    I said he would feel mature joining up as a Seaman.
  18. would the same apply for me as CT
  19. Fellas, I was 23 when I joined as a golly and was in the middle bracket age-wise in my intake. You'll be fine, there are plenty of older guys joining up without issues, you may just find yourselves haking your heads at the young 'uns p1ssing about every now and then but your age is an advantage, NOT a hindrance. Use your life experience wisely and you'll progress well in any branch. Good luck.
  20. Cheers Mate

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