What rank do you go in as?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Geordie88, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Something I totally forgot to ask the recruiter.

    I was going to go into the army as a lCpl. Same apply?
  2. oh dear.
  3. Ermmm ever heard the term "recruit"??????

    Anyway what makes you so special as to miss out the rank of Private if you were to Join the Army?Are you a Royal Personage,or just a numpty?
  4. Okay.

    Assuming I pass

    my fitness test


    32 weeks of Commando training

    And get that covetated green beret

    I'm then a Commando, aye?

    So what're you? Commando? Marine?
  5. You will be Marine Bloggs.
  6. Excellent news, young man.

    Also, I've heard people moot the idea of getting 'commission' to be an officer. I have enough UCAS points to be one, but not enough GCSEs. What does the commission involve?
  7. kinell! after you earn the covetatatatated grean beret and you go on to serve in a unit you will be a Marine, then after specialising in something or doing the JNCO Cadre and being successful you may be promoted to LCpl, then come Cpl, the Sgt, the CSgt, then WO2 then WO1.

  8. Actually you are a rifleman in a rifle company
  9. You have to collect 150 Taleban headdresses and left ears to be put forward for Officer Selection.
  10. Has anyone got away with knocking in a few tea towels from their mam's cupboard just to make up the numbers?
  11. Nope, you need them to be bloodsoaked so the MA can test them for voracity,if you are found cheating you get an immediate draft to the Army Catering Corps as the new Recruits Food Taster.
  12. As a Sgt!
  13. Or a quicker way is to go an catch Osama bin laden :brave:
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I managed to join as a general, unfortunatley the corps was slightly top heavy officer wise when I passed out so I was busted down to Jne/mne.....not a rank you see nowerdays...special me.....so I joined 40 cdo as MNE 2nd class, nearly as good as a general I was informed.

    We had our own drivers to take us to the dose clinic, our own RSM to take us to the C.O when we fcuked up and even our own company to take the p1ss out of us.

    Dig out mate...you never know what you might achieve.

  15. Carl,try to be serious here!LOL
  16. When's he touring the Tyneside area?
  17. Good stuff, cheers.
  18. ohh dear i don't believe you should have posted that :w00t:
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    your called a scrote......really p1ssed me off that at the time, then I realised the company I was keeping.....awe
  20. And I don't believe you should support Rangers. What's your point?

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