What rank are these guys?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Saw a photo in the Wardroom of the Carrier Atheling 1940s. Loads of woos with the letter A in the ring RNR/RNVR . Their are 2 guys one a straight thin ring and loop .The other with just a straight ring/no loop????
  2. Wiki link:

    It's amazing to think that in 1945 the RNVR(A) numbered 8,500 more personnel than we have in the entire full-time RN today, including Royal Marines.
  3. Bit of ignorance here, was Atheling a MAC ship by any chance? The loopless one could be merchant navy. the A definately denoted aircrew. However I believe one MAC ship skipper. Merchant Navy, had an A sewn into his diamond. ( Thread creep! At least one Swordfish had Merchant Navy painted on its side.)
  4. Think you have solved the puzzle ie Merchant navy officer (loopless one) Atheling launched 07/09/42 returned to the USN 13/12/46 D 51
  5. I think the straight ringer was MN. There was a scheme whereby MN personnel served on a (MACSHIP) warship under T110 articles at pay rates over the rN
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    Re the old Warrant Officers, depending on the size of the ship they had their own mess. In a destroyer or smaller they messed in the wardroom. Over time during the 50s the rank migrated via Commissioned Gunner (Boatswain etc), to Sub Lt (Special Duties) with appropriate branch initials. The RN tried it s hardest to get 'young' POs to go through for SD, steadily eroding what had been a career path to WO for senior CPOs. Lo and behold, in the 70s along came a new type of WO to encourage the Chiefs again. What goes around, comes around.
  7. HMS Atheling was not a MAC ship but an escort carrier: ie a pusser's ship. There would not, in the normal course of events, be Merchant Navy personnel serving onboard. MAC ships (Merchant Aircraft Carriers) were MN oil tankers or grain-carrying ships that had their upperworks removed and a flight deck fitted. The RN supplied the aircraft, three or four Swordfish usually, and the RN personnel to operate them. They continued to carry their normal cargo.
  8. Roger that. But the photo was taken in harbour. Hence the women in the photo, in the wardroom.So the MN Officer could have been invited onboard!!! For drinkies???
  9. There was one on Defiance in 75, was told he was a Warrant Officer. First time I`d heard of them, this was in the time of Fleet Chiefs.
  10. This link to a very useful page about badges of rank on the naval-history.net website is probably valid for this thread too.

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