What Qualifications do you gain as an Marine Engineering Technician in the Royal Navy?


Hi guys and girls, as my recent thread states, I’ve had a bit of trouble with getting my mum on board with me wanting to join the Navy at 16. She seems to be a lot more open to me joining now but she still isn’t fully on board yet. One major thing is HMS being so far away (another topic for another day). Anyway, onto the topic. She thinks a Level 2 isn’t worthwhile so I’m asking is there something I’m missing or is the qualifications you’ll gain a Level 2 or 3. I haven’t been to the AFCO yet as I’m really busy and she finished work after 5 so we don’t have time. I just can’t seem to win her over fully even though I say all the benefits maybe they could help me? Thanks


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This has been addressed before and I’m losing currency.

Acquisition of qualifications is progressive. Level 2 is a necessary stage on the way to level 3. As an experienced and competent LET, you’ll be eligible for EngTech registration. Look it up.


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@REAL_db use the search button on site there is masses of information there. You do realise that you could serve in a number of places away from the UK don't you. You really need to save any further questions until you and Mum have been into the AFCO.