What puts you off the opposite sex??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. We all have our gripes about the opposite sex-- so lets hear it-- what really gets on your t**s??!!!!

    For me - dirty toe nails, and hairy toes!!!!!!! ewwwwwwwww :pukel:
  2. When you notice that they have an Adam's Apple.

    Don't joke, it's not funny! :puker:
  3. Ladies who are too loud, pissed and screaming, shouting and swearing whilst all the time thinking that they are gorgeous as they wave their bellies and muffin tops around! (think Fat Slags from Viz) We need to bring back posture, decorum and grace to our womenfolk - along with wide brimmed hats and seamed stockings!

    BH - why are you up and on the site so early? Aren't you taking this Mod job a bit too seriously?!
  4. Would love to be all keen-- but no, OH up early so got up with him!!
  5. Jam Bosun got it dead right - a bit more lady-like decorum would restore some of my faith in the female of the species. Also detest females walking around with more tattoos than a 3 badge stoker - YEEEUKK !
  6. What is it with Guz woman and random tattoos? especially on the upper chest area!!!!!!
  7. Tricky one to put across, but women who're excessively submissive or subservient. I don't mean that in the BDSM sense, which is quite different, but women who subordinate themselves in a relationship is a complete nightmare.

    Otherwise, intolerance, bigotry and women who're unwilling to think for themselves and regurgitating received opinion. And generally women who're unwilling to explore.
  8. Women's obsession with their weight! Working with models you get some lass who is a size 12/14 and she wants to be a size 8 "Sorry love but your just a big boned girl" but no she will diet and do anything to make it to a size 8! Madness!
  9. The fag ass lil, big gob type that as already said wear clothes 2 or 3 sizes too small and the more alcoholicly challenged they are the more sexually gorgeous they feel.

    Also chain smokers

    Women who can swear better than me

    Its not the size that matters its how you portray yourself.
  10. Women:

    Who smoke
    Have Tattoos
    Keep asking, because they cannot make their own minds up
    Have short cropped hair
    Always wear trousers/jeans etc.
    Who swear as part of their normal conversation
    Who think they have a devine right to take retribution on anyone they feel has upset them even if they are not the victim.
    Who think their children can do no wrong or ever lie
    Who allow their children to run amock in shops.
    Who chew gum
    Who can but refuse to drive


  11. Women who cannot hold an intelligent conversation even if their life depended on it.

    Women whose vocabulary mainly consist of the words "like","and","uh", etc. EXAMPLE: "Susan and I like went to uh the mall and like uh Deb was there and like she uh was wearing this uh thing that like uh beggars description and like uh I said to Susan uh what was she like thinking when she uh bought that thing and like Susan says to me like..."

    Women whose entire spectrum of earthly knowledge consists of what was on the television last night.
  12. Chavettes (No it isn't an old car ;) )
    Women who think they are "all that, girlfriend" (Talk to the hand, etc)
    Women who really can't get their heads around the idea that if a man talks to you, even if it is just to say "excuse me", it doesn't mean they fancy you.

    Women who try to out bloke the blokes, I believe that women ARE the fairer sex no matter how much of a "hard core lesbian" they might be, but saying that, holding a door open or waiting for a women to enter/exit a building first is nothing other than manners, something alas lacking these days. Don't read too much into it :)
  13. Husband coming home early! Arf arf arf

    Tower, this is ghostrider requesting a flypast.......
  14. Nice one!
  15. Women drivers applying lipstick when the lights are on green. Must be the wrong shade of green???

    Cannot fault my good Lady she is perfect.

    Unlike that wrinkly old fart yesterday lighting a fag in the revolving doors going out of the supermarket. For fecks sake woman can you know wait til you get outside :threaten:
  16. That stinky sweat smell when you bend them over and part the cheeks for some doggy action when they have just finished their shift in the pub...
  17. Ohmegod I SSOOOOOOO know that smell! eeeuuuuwww!
  18. What was that you were saying yesterday about things demeaning the site?! :confused:
  19. Go away little boy.
    If you want to carry this on I suggest you do it via PM, if not run along back to your cadet unit.
  20. The one's that say NO?

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