What price security?


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I've been following a few threads on here lately, and I've been well and truly gobsmacked by the enormous cost of some of the hardware that we use to keep up our defence capability - like the RAF Typhoon for instance.
I've served on a type 15, a type 41 and a Leander in my time, and somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember the cost of a 'new' Leander - the Juno as I recall - costing £3.5M back in 1969.
Anyone any ideas on how much we're paying for up-to-date ships and weapons sytems these days?


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You should multiply the cost of Juno by about 30 to give real world comparisons. Also she was in series production, meaning some parts were cheaper as bought in bulk, and was made to a relatively simple design, that was no particularly sophisticated - arguably just a relatively modernised WW2 frigate in scope with hangar and small ops room and a man aimed missile.


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Well thanks for the info, chaps - no wonder the country's in the s**t for money at those prices - fair brought a tear to me eye, that did!
Tellyerwhat, when I left Sol council the budget for the Borough was £248.23M for 209,000 people - so what you're saying is I might get half a ship for that sort of money?
Jeeezus H Christ!


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