What personal possessions are reasonable to bring aboard, and which ones aren't?


I'm currently going through the process of starting recruitment process, and just wanted to ask this. What kind of personal items are usually brought abroad a ship, both electronic and not? Are their any items that you would usually use in day to day life that are completely not allowed? When thinking, i think the only thing I would bring is my Phone, Laptop, and maybe Nintendo Switch? I know off time is VERY limited (Out of curiosity, how much on average? I always assumed maybe a maximum of an hour in a day at the most?), so I doubt I'd use them much. It's also not a deal breaker, just something I was curious about.



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Sensible answer..laptop and phone will be all you need but the Switch will be fine, other than that take your windsurfing board and gear with you so when your out at sea you can still disappear for the weekend.
I remember going on board with 1(F) Squadron (Harrier Force) and waiting at Cottesmore for the bus the crabs were taking the piss out of the Matelots Pussers Kitbags. I looked around and there was a whole pile of large Samsonite suitcases, just one comment was given... "I think we will have the last laugh when you try and store those", sure enough the suitcases were kicked, dropped and shifted around every time we needed kit from the hangar. Brand new samsonites trashed in one trip :)

One of the crabs had his Flat Screen TV, playstation and ironing board!!!!


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One of the best comments I ever heard on Antrim.
As our tame piper was seen on the gangway with his bagpipes, 'Look lads a keen Jock gardener, tartan kitbag and some beansticks!