What percentage of BRNC recruits are graduates?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Too high a percentage probably. :wink:
  2. I'm confident that the ratio is 80:20 of graduates vs non-graduates. Perhaps someone more in the know could confirm.
  3. Wow, I'm going to be old if I get in!!
  4. well at the rate my application is going, I'm going to be one of the oldest if I ever make it down to AIB!

    Slightly off topic, but do you get many Scots coming in as officers? It seems that the RM are very popular up here, but was wondering if there were many that went in as Warfare or Pilot/Obs etc.?

    Not that its important but I'm fairly bored and thought I would pose a question for a change...
  5. Same as any region really. I can't remember either a shortage or a surfeit* from across the border when I was in.

    *Having said that... :wink:
  6. there's already too many porridge wogs in the RN, couldn't you work in mcdonalds or something?
  7. What stage you at so far?
  8. I'm Scottish and I'm halfway through the selection process just now. I know lots of Scots who are already in.
  9. a porridge wog no less...its tempting to rise to it, but I feel I may be in the minority, regardless:)

    I just received a letter confirming my application down at AIB, so just have FATS then the AIB and thats the lot, but I had my medical deferred and had to appeal etc. which was successful but delayed my application somewhat.

    Glad to hear its not simply dominated by toffs from Oxford then if there are a few Scots in there (though I guess they could be toffs and have gone to Oxford too, but you know what I mean).
  10. How long did you have to wait to get your AIB and medical dates through? I keep running to the door every time I hear the post come through!! lol...yes I'm an eager beaver!! :p
  11. I'm also waiting for an AIB date. It seems to be taking forever... I started my application back in December last year. I guess I would be lucky to get an AIB date before September now. I think they close down for the summer at some point but not exactly sure when...
  12. I think once my medical was over, it took about 8 weeks for my PJFT to come through, then I did that and I received the confirmation letter through from AIB about 6 weeks later.

    I was asking my AFCO and he seemed to think about 3 weeks after the letter I should get some dates for FATS.

    I also started my application way back in Nov. but as I said the medial slowed it all down...

    the most frustrating part is not just the waiting, but having to keep the motivation up to keep studying and to also to endure a crappy job everyday in the meantime!
  13. Strange that you had to do the PJFT. I didn't think it was part of officer selection.

    My application also got held up by medical issues, I got referred due to a heart murmur but it all turned out ok in the end albeit delaying my application by several months.

    Fortunately I don't have a crappy job to go to in the meantime as I have just finished uni. I fear that unless I hear something soon from the RN though I may have to get some work to pay the bills.. :(
  14. i think there introducing it now as too many officers were failing at the first hurdle. when i did aib they didnt do a medical til after you passed and the only fitness assesment wasnt pass or fail. they did a beep test but all you had to do was 'show determination'

    what is FATS? i havnt heard of this..didnt have to do it
  15. Yeah I had been told that you didn't do PJFT either for officer selection, but a letter came through the post out of the blue with the details so I just went ahead and got it over with the next day.

    I finished Uni nearly two years ago now, but straight after went and lived in South America for a while, and when I got home was skint as heck and had little option but to pick up any job I could find! To be fair its not that bad but there is no way I could work in an office for my whole life. Funny though it was when I was in the job centre that I saw an advert for 'Fighter Pilots' on their jobs list, just below truck driver and barman :lol:
  16. Flight Aptitude tests. Done at Cranwell. Only need to do them if you are looking at going for pilot, observer or Air traffic control.

    And I'm still waiting for my AIB date. September intake looks very unlikely, in fact impossible. So Januray it is then. Of course if I actually pass AIB, and then get selected for Jan. Just a little hurdle....
  17. I thought it was all of them, is someone saying there are inmates in the pusser without schooling?
  18. my thoughts exactly. I had hoped to be in by Sept. (that was the rough timeline given by my AFCO) but looks like Jan. for me too assuming I pass through the AIB alright.

    The fitness side of things could be rather rusty just after Christmas haha:)

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