what part of the country contains the most idiots????

personally i cant stand people from the north east they are thick,stupid and can't speak properly.
"josh dads found yer scoooter"

piss off you annoying bitch.
this from an alleged straight man from barrow the centre of the universe for inbred retards are you local or did you visit and now they wont let you out.
maybe you are to busy sleeping with your sister.

and your probably short and odd looking.


Lantern Swinger
Ninja_Stoker said:
seenoffteefcuk said:
north west especially liverpool there all f*ucking idiots
Quality post. Cheers, you've brightened my day. :thumright:
It’s up to his usual high standards. 23:59 (yes I know it’s LANTERN now). I’m standing by for one of his usual eloquent responses.



Lantern Swinger
Yey this is the first map I have ever seen with Stafford on it, how exciting. Jezza Clarkeson once described Staffordshire as the most pointless county in the UK, and although I live in Staffs you can't argue with the man.
So yep, I am going for Stafford.
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