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what on earth is hi5 ???

I've had a few invitations from friends to join their Hi5 circle - anyone know what it is? how it works? I haven't accepted yet because they were generally not close friends and I was suspicious that it was an elaborate form of spam where I'd end up getting lots of semi-anonymous email about very little ...

Call me a stick in the mud but if I have a friend I'd rather they just emailed me direct

:???: :???: :???:
The only good Hi 5 is the aussie kids programme with the sexy birds in it.
Seriously though, it's just a network where you can see all your friends friends etc. Asians love it, I was invited and tried it but it was a bit of a waste of time really, but not a spam magnet.
Maybe it was not good for me cos I have no mates????


terry_rice said:
Not an organised orgy then?

Does'nt look like it , I've never heard of half of all these things , does my head in it does , know the very basics & thats about it ,


War Hero
Know what you mean Dondon. My sons, and grandsons are getting fed up with emergency calls from me because I've pressed the wrong button and half of my computer's content has disappeared!
When I first bought it I thought it was just like a typewriter with pictures.

Do you also find that when you really need it, what you learned last month has gone to join the rest of the information that your mind has discarded?

Great growing old isn't it!!

Carry on struggling.

Had a KIWI friend ask me to join load of crap. Could possibly be another way of yahoo obtaining ways of selling and sending crap.
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