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What none aircrew jobs are there in the faa?

RoofRat said:
Fido, my first fire truck, after MT course was an old Ford water bowser at the fire School, or The Fire Pits as it was known in those days! Drove all of the rest you mention, including FireFly's, HCB's, and the shortened version, or pre runner of the Nubian 6x6, the 4x4.
I even got to drive the MK9 during a visit to SAH a few years back ;-)

Yes, definately worth waiting for young un. Once a Chockheads always a Chockhead, even when you leave the mob, we still have great reunions.

Spot on RoofRat - I remember Jack Cant directing an exercise on the old V Bomber dispersal at VL (probably in '72 or '73) with the water bowser pumping water into a 6x6 I think and, when the water bowser was empty, the crew chief ordered the bowser away but forgot to disconnect the hose (the old 75 ft canvas jobbie) - it tore the pump clear out of the back of the bowser. Jack turned to me and said "that wasn't supposed to happen!" What an understatement! Happy days.

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