What music do you run to?

Just curious as to what music people are listening to when in the gym/out for a run. Could do with some recommendations.

At the moment I'm blasting my way through the likes of Sub Focus, Benny Benassi, Pendulum and Paul
Oakenfold. I find myself trying to keep up with the higher bpm which helps with trying to get my run times down. That and imagining myself running away from work.
It's not music, but I downloaded this app called 'Zombies, Run!'. Pretty self explanatory - zombies chase you - certainly got me running a little bit faster! And it breaks up the monotony of long distance running :)
Some good recommendations there. Am in the process of updating the old ipod. I tend to find the prospect of listening to a new album motivates me to get off my arse and hit the gym so the more the merrier. Recent additions include the likes of Armin van Buuren and Pretty Lights which are well worth a listen in my opinion.
I usually have a glass of water and then some bran flakes when I get back with a brew.

Upto week 7 and really enjoying it, never though I would be saying that!!

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