What MQ's for Culdrose


Hi all,

Maybe doubling up a bit, as I've posted in the WAFU section, but got no real answer.

So, as I'm heading down to sunny Culdrose on my next draft (with drafty's grace, hopefully) I'd like to know what MQ's/SFA's there are down there?

Any locations, advice or opinions will be most gratefully recieved.

I did email warminster earlier in the week but haven't heard back yet.

So please give me something to look at on google maps over the weekend ;)


PS I will be entitled to a 4 bedroom by then, so would like any good gen on those as well.


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not sure road name, but a friend lives in one. It's on the right of road, just after the rounabout after tesco's near flambards. They seemed ok from what I saw.


Cheers for that Soleil,

Tried the hive today, but no response by the time I chopped.

I'll just have to be patient!


There alright mate, not bad to be honest. The ones near Flambards are quite roomy, if you get a house mind. There all 3 bedroomed. The kitchens are quite roomy which means the dining rooms are smaller. It's the same upstairs, the main bedroom is massive, leaving the other two rooms ok for size but they could be bigger. There are a series of two bedroom flats on that side aswell, which are ok if you ain't got any nippers. You also have the community centre on the Flambards estate which has a good playground facility and large open playing area. I personally thought that was the better estate, bit more communial as most houses are centred around the community centre.

The ones over the otherside of town are equally just as nice but some of the gardens are a bit uphill, down hill.

All in all nice place to live mate and you should like it :)


Cheers for the info Panda,

I actually lived on the Grange road estate many moons ago, but wasn't sure if they were still DHE. I was hoping for a 4 bed as about four months after we should be moving the youngest of the 3 will be 10, meaning we are eligible for one.

I'm disappointed that neither the HIVE or DHE have got back to my email yet. Good job I'm not being crash drafted! I even used my work email, so it doesn't look like I'm a random nutter!

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