What manner of retards live among us?


Lantern Swinger
Do we mean retards among society as a whole or just among Arrse and RR? Because here our retards are of the highest quality of Mlaaaaaarishness.

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Took some guys down the range for their APWT at some obscure place north of Dundee, it was Friday morning and they'd all been on the piss in Dumphs the night before. Shouldn't really have let most of the feckers shoot but I needed them as response force, managed to get them all to pass after a few rundowns, kicks *********** etc, did a weapon inspection just before we left the range one of the fecker pops for a shit and leaves behind his 5.56mm we get just outside the dockyard when he remembered, 1130 and we had to turn back thank fcuk we retrieved the fcuker I was shitting myself all the way back. Lesson learned and the cnut was duty for the next 4 weekends


Lantern Swinger
Not sure if this fits, but a couple of years ago, some bellend drove his car through next doors living room wall (as revenge for something, I don't know) we had a walk in shower at the time, and the noise was that loud that I honestly thought that the shower had tipped with my brother in it, (well that or an earthquake) turns out the fellas left their car, with all their details and were found within an hour. ****ing mongs.