What makes us enjoy some foods more than others.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. I wonder why I like certain things more than others.

    For instance I love seafood, but I really love Mussels.

    Could the reason be that they look like little fannies? :p

    What food do you like and why? :oops:
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,my sister likes black pudding, dirty wench. I like cheesy hammy eggy's, but I don't enjoy fried eggs.
  3. "What makes us enjoy some foods more than others?"

    Drink, obviously.
  4. I can only eat Donar Kebabs and KFD when drunk :D
  5. I love curry, and have started to eat it mid week with no drink involved. Surprisingly I enjoy it more with no drink.

    I remember ordering a phal one night when staying with an oppo. It turned out they needed 24 hours notice before they could produce one.

    24 hours notice was duly given.

    I knew we were in trouble when I noticed the entire kitchen staff had turned out to watch us eat it.

    I was sharing a bedroom with my oppo, and at 0730, his dozy mother thought we might appreciate a cup of tea.

    I have an abiding memory of a loud "Jesus Christ!", her looking for somewhere to put the 2 cups of tea, and her legging it to the window to let in some fresh air.

    Serves her right!
  6. What time did you eat it? I had one once and it only took about 4 hrs to to liquify my guts and try to burn me a new ar5ehole :pottytrain5:

    spent the rest of the night on the bog 8O
  7. Squid, any way it comes, I'd eat it 3 times a day if I could..
  8. Dog?

    Derek the Hamster?
  9. I'll save you the hassle of those cogs in your brain working.

    KFD - Kentucky Fried D*ck
  10. i enjoy currys and cheesey hammy eggy's washed down with kronenberg

  11. The way they"cook " it Kentucky Fcuked Duck :puke:
  12. Am I unique in that I can eat KFC(D) sober?
    Forget coal and pickled onions, Mrs Flymo, whilst growing the Strimmer, got heavily into KFC...
    Bl00dy marvellous :)
  13. I hate onions and offal.

    Any other scran is fair play really.

    I really really love olives for some reason, I could eat them constantly.
  14. What you call yourself a marelot and don't like shit on a raft! :p :oops:
  15. Why do you think I left the mob? :lol:
  16. Yes mate, olives are the nuts! I literally couldn't stomach them when I was younger, then last month when we went to a restaurant I got all macho and I tried one....which then turned to a second helping and so forth until I scoffed down about 10 down of the gorgeous lil things! 8)

    As for KFC flymo, I'm into healthy eating in a big way so you are alone there I'm afraid! I literally don't remember when I last had one of those.. a greasy fried breast of chicken with a side portion of chips really doesn't float my boat! But each to their own! :wink:
  17. That seems a bit extreme, leaving the Mob because you don't like shit on a raft

    (Breakfast of the Gods, btw.)

    And Slim, what's a marelot?

    Is it a female horse gagging for it?
  18. I don't mind smashing in a KFC once in a while. I much prefer it to McBurger King and the value for money is great if you get one of the box meals; Zinger burger, chips, drink, 2 hot wings and your choice of gravy, coleslaw or corn for under a fiver. Bargain.
  19. Liver is awesome scran, fried up with onions on a bed of rice, it doesn't come any better!
  20. You Sir, are a wrong'n.

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