What makes a Sailor a Sailor?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Never having been a REAL sailor I thought I had better educate myself before the London Run next week. How am I going to be able to identify the real sailors attending this piss up? What should I look out for? :???:
  2. All the nice girls loving them!
  3. what!!!! girls actually love sailors :shock: I thought it was an urban myth,
    now i can't wait to get in :grin: :lol:
  4. All the nice girls love a sailor, all the nice girls love a tar.
  5. I only ever wanted to be loved by the naughty ones

  6. Seatime on the Isle of Wight ferry according to one of our correspondents!

  7. The desire to shag a French Bird ( alledgedly)
  8. hmmmm. I can just imagine all those nice girls now and me turning them naughty. lol
  9. It isn't rocket science mate, you can spot the at any train station easily, they are NOT a matelt if they don't put their hands down their pants and adjust their acorns at least every minute, maybe less.
    Some of the less salty ones however might just do a discreet scratch Outside the trolleys.
    Ooh , trolleys reminds me of a dit.
    Just left the mob and was going on a civvy course with some matelot mates, as we eneterd the marina there was a sign saying "No trolleys beyond this point"
    You guessed it, not a word was said, just a lokk, then down with the jeans and stagger through the gate, much to the disgust of the snotty yachty fair weather sailors. Guffaw guffaw.
    PS The above will apply to Royal as well.
  10. They will be running in steaming bats, wearing a tee-shirt with an obscene sexual logo, smoking a fag and have a can of beer strapped to their head with a long straw!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Staggers when he's sober..and tries to walk correctly when pissed!! :lol:
  12. What is a Matelot?

    A Matelot is not born: he is made out of leftovers! God built the world and the animals and then recycled the gash to create this dastardly weapon. He took the leftover roar of the lion, the howl of the hyena, the clumsiness of the ox, and the stubbornness of the mule, the slyness of the fox, the wildness of the bull and the pride of the peacock. Then added the filthy evil mind of the devil to satisfy his weird sense of humour. A Matelot evolved into a crude combination of John Dillinger, Errol Flynn, Beau Brummel and Valentino. A swashbuckling, beer swilling, lovemaking LIAR! A Matelot likes girls, rum, beer, fights, uckers, runs ashore, pubs, jokes, long leave, his mates and his ticket. He hates officers' rounds, divisions, saluting middies, naval police, painting the side, jaunties, navy scran, and his turn in the barrel and signing on. A Matelot comes in four colours: white, off white, dirty and filthy, all looking alike under a tan and uniform. He is brave drinking beer, abusive playing crib, brutal defending his pride and passionate making love. He can start a brawl, create a disaster, offend the law, desert his ship, and make you lose your money, your temper and your mind! He can take your sister, your mother, your aunt, and when he is caught get his captain to vouch for his integrity. A Matelot is loved by all mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces; hated by all fathers, brothers, uncles and nephews. He has a girl in every port and a port in every girl. He breaks more hearts, causes more fights and begets more bastards than any other man, yet when off to sea he is missed more than any other! A Matelot is a mean, hard drinking, fast running, mealy mouthed son of a bitch, but when you are in strife he is a strong shoulder to lean on, a pillar of wisdom, and a defender of the faith and cause. He fights for his mates, and dies for his country, without question or hesitation!

    This is a Matelot!
  13. I should post that on the pub door in Westminster then, hey Lingy? :lol:
  14. There is a rumour your not a Matelot until you've had a dose seven times - who wants to be a bloody matelot?
  15. 2BM, wot's wrong with seatime on the Isle of Wight Ferry? they were at least short trips! (15 minute on the 'cats')
  16. Gangway Arms ??
  17. It's just envy walrus. All you deep sea IOW ferry sailors getting all the sea time while I was shunting to and fro on the Torpoint ferry.

  18. There are many types of matelot, we come from the whole world over
    if he /she is in uniform expect a party loving animal but full of charm you know the sort of thing he/she laughs at your JOKES, TELLS YOU WHAT A GORGEOUS BODY YOU have, ply.s you with drinks, smothers you with affectionate kisses( sorry KEN if Ive pinched your Style). and then while you shortly....shalllowly. says BYE heck girl yoiu,ve got a skidder in there.

    Or the other type who tells they are a war hero, wears civvy's covered in madals & badges , carries a flag pole and say's IIII RRRrrmber TTtteeee FFFFFirst TTTTiimee SSSSSomeone DDDDid THHHHHHHaaaat.And then has a big smile ontheir face

    OHHH HEy HO pissesd OR Going Mad AGAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  19. A real matelot will give you a reach around....
  20. Now I thought That was only with the YANK marines. we british are far too selfish, straightlaced, stiffupperlipped to go in for that we would gladly stand by them, die for them but go OOOIIINNNKKK.. Please give me deliverance...

    Bark Bark Thats it I 've Lost it for tonight

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