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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. So we have a thread on should the site close and we then all bggr off to aarse.
    I do not believe that we need to do that.
    The site is adequate but could be a lot better.
    So what do YOU think makes a good site.
    A few hints.
    1. Lots of vibrant discussable posts
    2. The ability to post without fear of retribution (unless it puts the site in danger of being sued)
    3. Humour
    4. Fair Moderation.

    OK tell it as you see it
  2. 1. Humour
    2. A place to have a rant
    That'll do for me :)
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  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Slim. In response to your post, i'll sort it by fora.

    1. Current affairs/Quarterdeck
    2. All of the site (bone posts are an exception)
    3. All of the site if relevant to the topic (apart from Lil's which is a train wreck)
    4. I believe we have that


    1. Lil's, site in general
    2. Lil's

    A site is only as good as it's members. There are many on here who just lurk and it's the same old faces every time. I genuinly feel that the Moderation is quite even handed on here. Maybe that's just me though.

    I think this thread is a good idea. Members should feel free to state their opinions and what they feel would help. Let's try not to get too personal though eh? Anyone else want to contribute?
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  4. To my mind it's all to do with a critical mass.

    As discussed in the precursor thread, ARRSE has a much larger and wider membership, so threads can suddenly take hold and attract a lot of contributors, although there are those who are clearly identifiable as regular contributors to almost every thread - par for the course on most forums really. However, they have a much larger pool of lurkers who will dabble in as they feel like it. The only problem I find with ARRSE is simply the pace - a thread that catches fire can have hundreds of posts in a relatively short time scale, some even quite lengthy, so wading through it can be more a chore than a pleasure. The (second!!) referendum thread must have set a site record for number of posts / pages and I defy anyone to say they actually read the whole lot from beginning to end.

    What we probably lack here is sufficient numbers of lurkers to make the contributions that beef up threads, so it looks like it always the same small pool of regular contributors that are always on and that then becomes it's own deterrent for others who get the impression it is only a playground for the privileged few. With greater numbers comes greater number of threads started, some of which take off and others which stutter and fade, but in sufficient number and frequency it builds it's own critical mass that then becomes self-supporting.

    Maybe we are seen as too narrow in focus (can't see it myself - covers the naval community which is a wide enough subject in itself)? If it isn't being advertised / promoted with the currently-serving are we assuming there is a need out there that actually doesn't exist?

    The question we (who are here) should ask is - why did I join? Did I find what I was looking for? Why do I stay? Do I know anyone else who could benefit from what I get from the site?

    Let's not try to second-guess what others would want - let's evangelize to those we know would like it for the same reasons we do.
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  5. Too many lurkers spoil a site, the numbers of members may be impressive but if the majority just read and do not post then a site will decline rapidly.
    So a message to ALL lurkers "Start posting, your input is more important than you may think it is".
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  6. I am probably guilty of lurking a lot as I dip in often then only post rarely when something grabs me.
    For my part, I enjoy the site but I do find in some cases it's difficult to remember where you left off with very long threads, I.e. Things that piss you off and Woman who need a good seeing to! Can they be split down a bit to manageable chunks?
    I will try to post a bit more often than I currently do as I really would hate to see the site disappear!
  7. I still work within the RN community and it seems split into two parts, those who read RR regularly but either don't post or aren't members and those who have never heard of the site.

    Maybe broadcasting the sites existance would boost membership and therefore posters.
  8. It wasn't a critisism. I thought I was answering Slim's question, 'what makes a good site' !
  9. Being able to upload pictures on my work puter would be good!!! Keeps saying they are too big?

    Maybe collingwoods huge duty watch could be made to post daily, Im sure that would increase the traffic :)
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I didn't think it was. I thought you were following on from Slim's post!

    In any event, surely critisism is what's needed to move forward? Let people have their say.
  11. :)First of all, one has to maintain the members, if outgoing is greater than incoming then we is Bankrupt.
    If Wrecker is correct about a 50-50 split (thought he was going to mention Boats and targets) and for how long this site has been going then we need to get a gentle word out there, current members can contact old soles, or is that old asholes?
    NinjaS can recruiters tell newbies about RR as an informal place to sound out any issue they have, for every 100 told if 10 join and a few stay once serving you could capture new recruits at the start of their careers.
    We do not appear to have many females on here, and if Sol has been chased away that’s sad, the aim would be to chase away trolls not prolific posters
    To be honest I came across this site by chance, (yes I know there a few or many that wish I did not) I basically went outside into an RN support jobs, so had lots of ex RN to throw shit at. When I moved over to RAF & WAFU support that all changed, so when looking for I know not, I stumbled on this site, I had never heard of it or anyone that was on it?
    I do not think the site is over moderated; just a few Mods that should stand back and think do I need to stop this spat? Not should I add fuel to the fire, and when totally out of control, sling shit and ban. :)be happy
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    The site has all of this already - places to discuss issues, plenty of places to be borderline libellous and one of the lightest touch and fairest moderating groups you'll find out there. It needs to be credible to the very organisation that isn't engaged though - not those who have or have yet to serve, its those who are serving, and they for the most part are not engaging.

    But, looking around the net, I don't see any other sites which attract many RN posters either - ARRSE, PPRUNE, E-Goat all get a few, but perhaps its fair to say that for many reasons, many RN aren't interested in posting online?
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A lot of critisism at the Mods came from us being extra harsh in the newbies forum. Yes, lots of the questions had been asked before and yes, lots of the questions were bone. However, having the old, bold and sarcastic slinging abuse didn't help and stopped new people from posting. Much the same with Current Affairs. Journos do look in there trying to get the RN's "opinion" on what's happening in the world, not realising that many people on here are not currently serving. Not that they care.

    Yes, people should be able to state their opinions and views, but even a place like this has rules. It's simple really. Don't be twats in Current Affairs or Newbies. As for the rest of the site, as long as things pretty much stay on thread and are not too out of order, crack on. Lil's, although it does have (some) rules, is pretty much the exception. And this thread is in Lil's. You cunts.
  14. many RN aren't interested in posting online?

    It's because we never had online when the only thing flying was cannon balls and sails

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  15. One of the problems with people who currently serve posting on the site could be due to the fact that bandwidth allocation on SCOT etc is not that great for DII when the ship is away from the wall. This, as I can confirm from when I was last at sea, makes all websites rather slow in loading and often pages failing to load correctly.
    Many have to share computers ( stand fast HoD's) when at sea and many individuals would rather spend that time emailing family and loved ones or checking the other half hasn't emptied the bank account, and them there is JPA!
    Once they get alongside, people are far more interested in going home or going out on the pop. I think this probably makes a huge difference compared to Army and RAF who probably have more internet access.
    Could a slimmed down site sit alongside this one that would load quicker? Possibly, but really the effort would probably not be worth it.
    Getting the site advertised may help to boost membership.

    Just my thoughts
  16. I think drewfester has hit the nail on the head there. If you're in a seagoing billet your opportunities to post in a forum are limited even if you wanted to so we'll have to accept that the number of contributors to RR will be barrack stancions mostly.(if they can be arsed)
    There is plenty of room for both old and bold and those currently serving but no-one should be surprised if the former outnumber the latter and therefore appear to dominate the opinion making.
  17. My only drip is that threads in current affairs often get crayoned over. That said, any Post can be funny and apposite in relation to current affairs. So how do we separate the the bone "funny" from the the clever really funny? Well, if I knew that, I'd be a millionaire media wallah.

    Arrse is good but the serious stuff tends to be too many pages of probably well thought out stuff to wade through. Why re-state verbatim what N people have already stated? Also there appears to be a remarkable number of brown jobs with copious amounts of gash time on their hands. Maybe that's it; the serving, gapped billet, Andrew doesn't have the gash time available to compete with his numerically superior cousin Percy.

    For my part, I've been out long enough to be no longer competent and informed with current policy/doctrine/instructions/procedures. It's no good saying "we used to do this" when some smart buggers have changed the game.

    RR is not dead so long as Matelots remember who and what they are.
  18. Are we all supposed to have a sense of humour bypass before we post in Current Affairs. From time to time someone will post something unintelligible which demands a reply. If that reply is sugared with a little humour it usually means the that no-one gets offended too much. The situation only requires someone to pick up the baton and carry on with the topic rather than flouncing off saying they're going to play with the big boys elsewhere and probably won't be back.
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  19. That's a fair point and, having said what grips, I did try to recognise the funny/not funny/not relevant dilemma. The irritation, for me, is when the comic cuts go on for so long that the last serious Post drops out of view or people simply lose interest.

    Humour does indeed calm things down amicably when the Posts get a bit heated and, on occasions, personal. As I say, just my view on it.
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