What kit do you take to your ship

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Njs71, Jul 6, 2014.

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  1. When you go to join your ship what sort of kit /home comforts do you take?
  2. Is there wifi on ships or do you have to connect via cable to the internet routers? I thought you'd be wearing uniform most of the time wouldn't you? Or are you just in uniform when you're working and then rest of the time wear what you want?
  3. RFA, full fighting order, long blonde wig and ball gown for those long winter nights.
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  4. No I have recovered my jaw from under my desk...
    WiFi / Internet - no, ther isn't any. That's no WiFi, no plugging in NO INTERNET! You may get some websites through DII such as BBC News, etc but there is no open internet. That's right, no Facebook, no Twitter, no access to you 'civvy' email accounts. Your mobile phone won't work at sea either.

    At sea - uniform, alongside - working day - uniform. Alongside - out of working day or ashore - own clothes.

    Find yourself someone who has been to sea before - you need a pre-'sea-dad'
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  5. Although the last French warship I was on had numerous civilian internet connected PCs whilst nous avons navigué around La Med. It was like being in the future.
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  6. What no Facebook? You're joking! FFS!
  7. You can't get on Facebook? Granted it's about 7 years since I went to sea on a skimmer but you could then. The internet was pretty much open as I remember just painfully slow.
  8. There seems to be a lot of confusion between RN and RFA fora. This one's RFA unless I'm much mistaken.
  9. Withdrawn, at least on SCOT fitted ships. An unpopular decision.

    What ship were you on that still had the laptops?
  10. Phew. Should i be lucky enough to get in i was worried that i wouldn't be able to take my party frock n selection of hair pieces!
    So that's put my mind at rest.
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  11. Do you take your own duvets on board?
  12. Cheers Darren. Though it would be a bit bulky to take hence the Q.
  13. Some bloody daft questions on this thread, its common dog ffs , as what you can do or not do.
  14. Really....
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Yes, really.
  16. I was recently down at PTG and also asked about what kit to take. Do you get a baggage allowance to cater for all the gear we're issued? Seems some have received 40kg allowance to travel with recently. How much uniform do you take as some kit is handed in after your tour, and then a reissue occurs on your next? Personally, I'd look after my own kit a lot better than gear that been used a few times by others. Sure some experienced hands could advise here, as trying to get a full brief is like pulling hens teeth. :withstupid:
  17. Entitlements (i.e. if you get stung for excess baggage, this is the weight you can claim up to, if the travel cell have failed to book an appropriate ticket) are: officers 45kg, ratings 36kg. They claim to routinely book 40kg and 30kg, leaving you to claim for the balance if necessary.

    Rating? The only uniform item you need to take is your epaulettes. The only other mandatory items I can think of OTTOMH are certificates, documents and respirator. All uniform is issued as loan clothing for the duration of your appointment. You can take your own uniform stuff if you want to waste space in your bags.

    Officers have to carry a lot more, hence the larger baggage allowance.

    Out of curiosity, what have you been issued? AWDs and accessories for use when attending training courses?
  18. Thanks for the reply Megalopteron. Not issued anything yet. Will be getting everything on my next Pompey course. Very soon hopefully. Was told I'd be getting a lot. Possibly getting a bit more as a medic. Good to know that it's important to check the allowance booked for you. This wasn't a moan, just someone who's new to the service collecting as much info as possible.
    Prior preparation and planning prevents...and all that.
  19. Am I to be the one to say it?

    No internet access?.............Take porn!!!......Lots of it!!!
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  20. If youre transitting through middle eastern customs...do not take porn, if you do then on your own head be it.

    Especially if they fire up your lap top or check your hard drive.

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