What kind of gun is this, a WMD?????


Sorry if somebody else has already asked this. This weapon was apparently found in Iraq.



The accompaning article is unconvincing (it is after all Foxnews). So what is it?

The pistol grip looks dubious to me-- a little too wooden) and the scope seems rather out of place in such a weapon and more suited for a rifle or carbine. And the size of the thing (3 feet) is a little too small for a conventional RPG.

On closer observation, the scope seems to be mounted on the left side at right angles to the pistol grip.

Is somebody getting a laugh at other peoples expense?
Whatever it is, it's homemade. Some sort of attempt at an RPG, or possibly a training tool, judging by the not-too-convincing "rocket" in the foreground.


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It's no good showing the thing to me - have you got the stock number and I'll look it up for you and see if we've got one :lol:
New? It's got bits bolted, welded and screwed onto it! The "sight" is an over the counter hunting rifle scope that's been bolted onto a makeshift weaver rail with a pair of 20mm rings. There's no blast shield, and the handle and foregrip have been screwed straight into the barrel. If that's an RPG Launcher the only safe way to fire it is to get someone else to do it.


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Can I suggest that we just ignore all posts made by this twat Cutaway, if he's not getting any attention he will soon F O

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