what kind of fitness facilities are on board a survey ship?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by 2cool, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Survey ships are a lot smaller than many of the ships in the navy, wondering what sorts of fitness equipment there might be?

    I assume they fit a gym on board at least? ..... and I assume a small athletics track is a bit too hopefull!
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, when I was on HMS Substantial we had an Olympic park to play with.
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  3. If you can walk on water there's shitloads of space.
  4. Olympic size swimming pool
  5. Watch out for the nobbies!:fish:
  6. On Vanguard Class Submarines there is a treadmill, versa climber, rowing machine, punchbag, cycle and weights in 4 Deck. On Trafalgar Class boats there is just space for a rowing machine, bike and weights. The Astute class just has a rower.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...and the OP is asking about Survey Vessels. Thanks. :wink:

  8. Broadly speaking a submarine could be classed as a 'survey' vessel. It is a vessel and does go looking at things!!!!
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  9. Never seen a boat then :)
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  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    To be fair, the OP did say "survey ships" so he could've been referring to submarines as well. They're like underwater ships, right? :?
  11. I did not mean submarines -__-
  12. What? No bloody engines? I had not realised that things were THAT bad!

    To The OP:
    Plenty of oppertunity for exercise - when you get on board ask for "The Jossman". He/she is especially appointed to take care of the ships company. Ask him/her to show you round all the facilities, and to demonstrate the gym equipment, always ask for this appointment five minutes after the senior rates bar opens, as he/she is not allowed to drink, and it helps consume the evening for them.

    Rest assured that you will then be fully briefed on all the ship's ancillary equipment, and you will have plenty of oppertunity for exercise through-out the remainder of the deployment.

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  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The bloke asked a reasonable question so stop taking the piss chaps.

    Most ships have a 4 lane 440 m training track, Survey Ships being smaller have had to reduce theirs to 2 lane. As far as Submarines are concern both SSN and SSBN have theirs under the casing with free access to all at any time, hope this helps
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  14. Minehunters just have a 50m sprint lane.
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  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There; fixed that for you... :thumbleft:
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  16. thank you ! ! ! ! ! thats just what i wanted to hear thats perfect, weird as it may sound the only thing thats been on my mind has been how much access im going to get to an athletics track - i know the Navy is highly keen on fitness however I figured few people actually needed an athletics track as long distance runners can just run about the ship or whatever so I didn't think it would be much of a priority and I would just be told to go run in the sports hall!

    thank you all, made my week has this!

  17. Only in the dive store now. Cut backs 'n all
  18. Brilliant.
  19. Sports hall?
  20. Hangar. All survey ships have a massive hangar fitted for use as a gym.

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